Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Have No Fear, For LiveScore Is There

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

Photo: Live scores of different games shown in web app   Photo Courtesy: Our country Nepal is the richest in terms of load shedding. I never knew that this fact would ever affect my passion, but it actually did. It affected my passion towards football. I am a huge football fan and load shedding has somehow acted as a villain between me and my games. And I bet, it has affected all the other Nepali sports fans as well. However, we do not need to worry about load shedding anymore. We can now have the information about the games we love on the palms of our hands; thanks to the emerging technologies! There are millions of sports fans in this world who are interested to know about the state of live games. And so, to balance the huge number of enthusiastic sports fans, there are many sites/apps which give information about the live games. However, the application which I prefer the most is It is regarded as the first live score service on the Internet. It was built 16 years ago and is still going strong, though over the years, there has emerged competitors such as and It initially started off as a web service. However, at present, it is available as mobile apps for Android as well as for iOS platforms. It requires internet connection in order to operate. [caption id="attachment_5212" align="aligncenter" width="685"]Photo: Mobile app view of LiveScore Photo Courtesy: Photo: Mobile app view of LiveScore
Photo Courtesy:[/caption] I only watch football games; hence my concern is getting information about football. This application well matches my concern. We can check scores of different matches whether they are the matches between the football clubs or between countries. This application helps us to know the starting 11 players, the substitution players, the goal scorers, yellow carded players, red carded players and so forth. It also gives information about how many people attended the match and even the name of the referee is provided. A lot of information shared, I must say. We can also check the scores of different countries with this app. The main thing I like about this application is the fact that we can know the Nepali time of the matches and also, be well versed with the matches on different dates. To add, if you are interested in betting on the games, with this app, you can bet on teams if there are any live matches going on. This application has really been a boon to me since it has helped me know the condition of the live matches, something I am totally fond of. Keeping football aside, this application also gives information about other sports like hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket and soccer. The main idea of this application is to provide real time information about sports. Therefore, fans of other sports also don’t have to worry about missing the live games. So people, have no fear, for is there!