Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Are We Fated To Be So?

By Utkrista K.C.

Photo Courtesy : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/ Looks like fairy-tales died a long ago. In a room made of bricks I find it hard to sing. Red moon, come out on this foggy night. Now, look at me, don’t avert your gaze. I was born behind these black iron bars. I wish for the payback of the evil done.  I want justice before this plastic world gets destroyed. The monster never thought how my mother would pass her days in this evil environment where we all are just the toys for prostitution.

Is money the root of all evil? My head is overflowing with thoughts which I can’t allow anyone to know about. I have strayed into a world void of even mistakes. It’s been rubbed in so deep it’s hard to believe, this “world” that holds only what the eye can see. Can I flush out the truth? You, too, are in a beautiful plastic world. They say that this is a world with too much beauty but for some reason I can’t see the light. My bursting heart is an eternal reflection of the pain I have been going through. It doesn’t seem astonishing if secret remains for you. Don’t expose  false colors and futures to me because this plastic world is just a fake. Keep it secretly with yourself.

There’s no way that I could love someone other than you ‘Mom’. But I want someone to love me and you as well. But whom can we expect to do so? Everyone who comes here turns a blind eye. You and I would never get to anywhere. You and I are fated to continue this till we die .God…..where did you go? Are you still here?  I don’t hear any response, but that’s how it has always been. You’ll never walk alone my beloved mother. I’ll go with you. Your dry eyes have come so far till today. No matter what the sin is, I’ll bear the burden for you. You are my true love. I’ll walk an uncharted path all alone with you.

As black and white shadows skim through colorless encounter, a cool finger beckons me. Like a stubborn piece of ice atop melted water, I softly get scooped up and played with. If I could, I wouldn’t have let myself to be wrapped around some unknown arms. Night falls and my wish to be free doesn’t come true and tomorrow begins with the same mourn again. ‘With your cold and ill-fated kiss, don’t fill me with some disgusting color again and again as if it is the last time. It sucks!’

I want to show, cut open my skull and look into my head, the unbearable condition I pass through daily. I don’t know why I am so harsh. I feel like I can let the whole world see my every secret and scandals because it is the only thing I have been doing again and again. If this moment was for me then I would have tried to hear, lent my ear for the voices inside and be that one link to join the broken heart together all again.