Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Not All Fashion Bless Our Health

By Ashmita Thapa

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Every girl craves for the skyscraping high heels. Not long ago, the heels were reserved for special occasions but now they have become a part of everyday routine. No doubt the heels help a lot in glamming up one’s personality but it has a very bad effect on our health. Wearing high heels on regular basis can cause poor posture, put pressure on our joints, and lead to a range of conditions including arthritis, hammer toes, back pain and tendon injuries- and that’s before you take into account any heel-related accidents!

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Not only heels, the flip-flops – they might look more comfortable and comparatively less dangerous than the high heels, it can also contribute its fair share of disastrous health issues. A flip-flop offers no arch support or heel cushioning; the casual footwear can lead to joint pain, shin splints and many other problems.

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One should minimize the damage caused by the skyscraping heels by limiting the height of the heels to 1 or 1.5 inches for daily wear and can also wear the insoles to reduce the pressure on joints. Swapping to the wedges might be another great idea to look as elegant while considering health. As with heels flip-flops have their place but they are better reserved for beaches and it’s better to swap to some comfortable and supportive shoes for everyday use.

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Likewise, skinny jeans maybe fashionable but it has negative effect on the health of both male and female. For men the skin-tight denim may cause the fertility problems whereas in women it increases of chances of developing thrush. Moreover, squeezing into skin-tight pants or trousers might cause the nerve compressions which leads to tingling or numb thighs. Furthermore, wearing tight collared-shirt and tie also cause the headaches and also reduces the blood supply to brain. Wearing half t-shirts and sleeveless in summer is considered highly fashionable but the harmful UV-rays of sun penetrates the skin and cause many problems in health. The UV-radiations can cause fertility problems to females. On taking account to this serious problem females should be attentive and wear full sleeves light clothes in summer.

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According to survey results published in the British Medical Journal, 25 per cent of body piercings lead to complications including swelling, bleeding and infection. To boot, even if you avoid infection, ornaments can lead to rashes and itching for those with nickel allergies, while dangly earrings can damage the ear tissue as it is stretched and pulled down by their weight. So, giving up on piercing is another best solution to avoid additional health problems.

Therefore, there are a lot of trends and fashion in market but not all bless our health. Hence, choose those that give you comfort over those that take away your comfort. Be careful! Temporary feeling our beauty might cause permanent health concerns.

Don’t consider Fashion OVER Health. It’s better if you can take them TOGETHER. However, fashion is what gives you a sense of ease, not something that seizes your ease.