Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

A Farewell to Our Freshmen Year

By Asmita Subedi

Nearly a year ago, the 48 of us, each with our own specialty and talented masterminds started our journey together for the rest of our 4 years at DWIT. In the beginning, none of us had any idea about how our college life would be or how our friendship would blossom and so on. With all these questions in mind, with enthusiasm and excitement, we had stated our journey together as freshmen. And now going through those entire memory lanes of the prior year, it seems to have been a very short year which flew away in a single glimpse.  We all have together gathered several good as well as bad memories which we shall all cherish for the rest of our years. For me, it has been a great year indeed with all my wonderful friends. I am so pleased and blessed to have each one of them in my life. What can we expect more than being surrounded by crazy friends with whom we can go nuts and do whatever stupid thing we want just to bring a single witty smile on their faces? Of course we all did our best to learn throughout the year though it was not at all so easy to accomplish. But letting apart our studies, we left no stone unturned in each of our gatherings, hiking and picnics to enjoy it to the fullest. I still remember dancing our asses off after having some tough discussions during our ALL Hands Meeting. Together we laughed and together we got mad and irritated at each other. Nothing else could we expect with all the talents among us; Sanjay, who always brings smiles over other’s faces with his witty jokes though it’s irritating sometimes; Anmol, Barsha, Nikita and Umang, the ones blessed with heavenly voice and talent; Ruby, the awesome girl with hidden mischievous spirit behind her innocent face; Mohan dai, the one on whom we can rely on for anything be it for some study material or other suggestions. Sorry for not including the name of rest of us because we all are awesome together. :D We all have specialisms within us which enlighten and spark us. And lastly, we all can do some dirty dancing, never mind, but yes we also know how to twirl our body and get some kicks and bows. :D Let’s have some glimpses of all what we did this year that shall remain safe in our memories for which we shall cherish forever: [caption id="attachment_3786" align="alignleft" width="920"]Photo Courtesy: Asmita Subedi Photo Courtesy: Asmita Subedi[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3787" align="aligncenter" width="920"]Photo Courtesy: Asmita Subedi Photo Courtesy: Asmita Subedi[/caption] Lastly, having completed our first year together how could we not celebrate our joy and happiness even though we weren’t given a single day off to rest? We, awesome us, never miss any chance to celebrate even for the tiny tiny reason, so why not now? After all we have completed a year together. Isn’t it? And there we go… :D We bid adieu to our first year and gave ourselves a farewell cutting out two yummy cakes. (My mouth is watery even when I just write and remember about the cake :D) Ronit, the basketball champ reveals his bakery skills getting us some yummy and beautifully baked cakes, both of them lovely and delicious. We cut the cake and celebrate laughing and clapping around and posing for video. Thankfully we didn’t smashed cakes over each other’s faces.  Thanks for the cake, Ronit! :D Anmol then gave a farewell speech for our 1st year and we officially wished best wishes for our coming year and promised to make each year equally beautiful and memorable. No wonder we obviously will make each day a fruitful and shall do fun together and build a strong bond with each other. :D With the beginning of the new sophomore year we have a new friend, Shila Parajuli, added to our group, the student who transferred to our college from Biratnagar. Shila, you are welcome to our college and we all spread a hand of friendship towards you. You might find us witty and total psyche but no wonder with longing of time we shall turn you too into one of us. :) Enjoy and have fun this year guys. I hope we have a fresh and wonderful year ahead with promising vows.