Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

Not So Far...

By Sumnima Thapa

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3056 A.D., January 19, Sunday Waking up in the morning, I was immediately greeted with a blast of air. I’ll forever be grateful to god that I am fortunate enough to have my face washed with air. At the same time, I feel sorry for those who do not have enough air to start their day with. Lucy, my robot, who cost me 10 liters of water, took me to the dining room and served me a delicious dehydrated meal.  Things are so expensive nowadays. 10 liters of water could have bought me 2 flying cars. I was just going through the news and found out that two trees were discovered right here in our country! “Found two trees!” what great news! Mr. Pedia was the one who informed us about the trees. How rich does he want to be? His father already owns a lake. The son of a lake owner…what else does one need in life? This reminds me of my great grandmother, who had told me once that during her childhood days, she used to wash clothes and dishes with water…could you even imagine? Also, get this, she used to bathe with water as well! Not only that, she told me everyone during that time used to wash with water. What I would’ve given to see that sight right now!

Yesterday, I talked to my children almost after 3 months, although we live in the same building. It is not that I do not text them, I do a lot. However, yesterday we planned a meeting and visited the Museum together. One of the best attractions in the museum was the tiger bone. Wow! My great grandfather claimed that he used to see real tigers, while working in the field. He described them as magnificent beasts whose beauty was rivaled by no other. The other amazing thing we saw was paper. Do you know what paper was made of? “Trees!” People actually wrote in paper. Kids made paper balls and played with it! Next we saw some bird feathers. When I explained them how birds used to fly and roam the skies, they immediately Googled them and found out that the birds used to live in forests. Forest? They were absolutely dumbfounded to know that there used to be a big piece of land covered with trees, herbs, wild animals and birds.

After the adventures of the day, I went back to my building and thought about booking tickets for the World Cup, 3056. It was being held in the moon for the 5th time in its history. The price rate almost made me change my mind. 4 drops for one ticket? I knew I couldn’t take all my family members there. I decided to just go alone this time. I had all the time in the world right now since I’m on vacation. That’s why I even bothered to think about all of this. However, I got to try out my new i-Think S XMZ 30.3298. It’s the latest version! What it does is that it types out all of your thoughts on a screen and…..

(By Sumnima Thapa who is currently a student studying at St. Xaviers School in the 10th Grade. )