Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

The Fantasy of Fantasy in DWIT

By Anish Thakuri

Photo Courtesy: The world’s biggest football league, Barclay's premier league provides extraordinary joy and world class feeling to every football fans in the world. The unpredictable results, delightful atmosphere, World’s best clubs, passionate fans, etc. adds the beauty in this league. Likewise, the online portal game known as 'FANTASY PREMIER LEAGUE' has taken the thrill to another level. Fantasy premier league is a kind of game where every user so called 'manager' has to manage a football team. One has to choose 15 players in their team, which consists of 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 2 strikers. Managers can pick out any players from any teams, but only 3 participants from one particular team. Initially, they are assigned money's worth £100 in which each player is given a certain price tag. Based upon the price tags, they have to choose the player in their squad. For a particular game week, the manager has to select the 11 players from their squad as a starting-11 player and 4 as a substitute player. Based on the player performance on that particular game, the point will be given to that player. Performance is evaluated in terms of goals, assists and clean sheets as per the position of players. Also, the captain scores double than every other player for same contribution. Every manager can get one transfer in a game week. If they do more than one, 4 points is deducted for each transfer from their total points. They can also use the wildcard twice in a season in their transfer. Fantasy premier league has also provided the provision of groups so called 'League'. Once you join FPL, your team competes in global league, which shows your overall ranking in the FPL, country and favorite club group. It has also provided the provision of classic league and Head-to-Head league. It can be either private league or public. In classic league, total points are calculated and ranking is assigned. Head-to-Head league is more like the premier league in which one team will compete to another team every single game week. Each user can make their own league and can join in the other’s league too. This is how the fantasy adds the fantasy in premier league. Since the trend is increasing gradually in Nepal, the craze of fantasy has been deeply rooted in DWIT student. DWIT has its own classic league called ‘DWIT College Fantasy League’. The college fantasy league started from the season 2013/14. Initially, students ran their own league. But as the College academic director Hitesh Karki proposed the idea to the student, the official classic league was started from the Game week 3 of season 2013/14. Bidish Acharya and Prajwal Sthapit took the initiation and formed a fantasy team. They came up with certain rules and regulations where an entry fee of Rs 150 was required for each user to join the league. Since the college administration doubled the amount that was collected from the student. As per the rules, the 1st and 2nd participants as per the final ranking would get a cash prize worth NRs 2,500/- and 1500/- respectively. Also the half season winner i.e. after the Game week 19, the first two managers would get the cash prize NRs 1,000/- and 500/- respectively. Ashish Bikram Lamichanne and Sunil Lamsal were the respective winners and runners up of whole season whereas Sunil Lamsal and Anish Thakuri collected the respective first and second prize of half season. Also, the fantasy team had to participate in head to head competition till the end of the season. It is more like a knock-out round. Bidish Achara won the competition and grabbed NRs 500. With the start of new season, the fantasy team of DWIT came up with brand new episode called DWIT College Fantasy league 2014/15. This time, there is provision of both classic league and Head-to-Head League. Entry fee for every participant is NRs 200/-. Student of every batch can join the league. The first, second and third ranking of the classic league will be awarded with a cash prize of NRs 3000, NRs 2000 and NRs 1000 respectively whereas only first and second ranking of head-to-head league will awarded with cash prize NRs 3000 and NRs 2000 respectively. Fantasy league is currently being managed by Bidish Acharya, Prajjwal Sthapit and Anmol Shrestha. Though there are the 39 members in the classic league, it seems most of the managers don’t manage their squad in each game week. Even though there would be a large variation in table in every game week. There used to be a tough competition in the top spots. Every manager on DWIT is special. All of them use a different strategy. Especially, majority of manager focuses on the attacking player. Most of the manager starts their starting 11 with either 3 strikers or 5 midfielders. Only small folks focus on the defensive strategy. Most of the managers take in form player in their squad. Also if some player is consistently giving high points, then it is sure that those players will get the space in squad of every manager. For e.g., players like Kane, Eriksen, Sterling, Giroud, Silva etc are in very good form recently. So if we check the squad of managers then it is obvious we find those players in their squad. This is how the fantasy premier league runs in DWIT. At the end of this period, we have completed 24 game weeks. It’s been a tough completion running in the DWIT league. So we can’t predict at this stage who will win and who will get inside the top 3. But if you had already quit it thinking that you can’t compete for the top position, then I recommend continuing it. There are still 14 more Game Weeks left to play. Who knows you just might be the next winner. So, All the Best. Happy Managing.