Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Fading Out

By Arjun Dahal

The walls No longer echoes the same rhymes. The liquid shadows have vanished, In the silver tears of rain, Racing from the summer sky.   She once believed, In every tale, he told. And now, She spilled out the venom, For some words spoken Can never be taken back.   With the nervous lightning, Hurling through the nerves, Eroding his past, He walks alone. Nothing's forever in this world Where even life is temporary.

About Author:
Arjun Dahal is undergrad student of Physics at Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Talkative, Crazy, Funny, and Fun loving guy, his passion lies in Physics, Mathematics, Music, Literature, and Philosophy. His Non-fiction has appeared in Blue Marble Review. His poetry has appeared/forthcoming in Burningword Literary Journal, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, The Fable Online, Ann Arbor Review, The Recusant, and DWIT News.