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Fading Blood

By DWIT News

Fading Blood by Shrayash Shrestha
“Ba baba....Ma mama”  babbles out the youngest new family member. Beside him were the smiley couple, whose smile reflected the joy those babbles brought to them. The joy that overlapped the pain of the nine months. Dad starts making funny faces to make him smile and giggle, while his mom grabbing those small, soft & delicate hands. The tiny little fingers grabbing her hand back, giving them their first experience of being a parent. “Well, what should we name him?” asked mom. “Perhaps you should know about it better, after all he might have whispered his name to your heart during his stay inside you” smiled dad looking at mom. “Terence…How’d that sound??” asks mom with some eagerness and delight in her face. Dad with a big smile “See you got the whisper….So our little Terence has his name according of his nature -soft and gentle”. With time little Terence gradually started growing. His crawling habit had now changed to walking. His dad and mom offering him all the love and care they could give.Soon he was joined to a boarding school near his home at age of 5.And start of school is always the hard part for any child. “Mama, I will obey you, do whatever you say…..But please not the school” cried out Terence with a fake sad face. Mom looks at dad’s face if for a day Terence can have a leave. “No, I know you love him but don’t love him in such way that weakens him. If in these initial stages you let him stay, he can’t be brave enough to meet new people. He won’t develop much confidence and thus he would always hesitate to push himself to next level.” explains dad to mom. “I’ll drop Terence to school today” continued dad tightening his tie knot. Meanwhile little Terence who is standing outside the room hearing all the discussion sadly picks up his school bag. However, after a week this scenario changes. Little Terence happily accepts to go to school as he makes new friends, starts understanding alphabets, learning new things. The parents are finally relieved and happy that their son is happy and learning. Time flows on and Terence finishes his school. On the end of school day was his mom’s birthday. So he plans to surprise her with a birthday cake. Since last few week he had started to save some amount of pocket money for the cake. 5 days before the birthday, he starts summing up the budget. He also added his piggy bank’s money. There was enough money to buy at least a pound cake with birthday caps, balloons & popups. “Ting-Tong” rang the bell. Mom opened the door. “Your order, Mam” a bakery delivery boy handed over a box to mom. “Mam,please sign here.” requested the boy. Mom who was in a complete surprise signed the paper and closed the door. Terence came out of his room while his dad had just arrived from the office. “Have you ordered something?” asked mom curiously to both of them (placing the box on the dining table). “No” replied both at once, though Terence had already got a guess so he brought all the balloon’s and birthday cap from his room. And when mom opens the box, she sees a birthday cake with a “Happy Birthday MAMA” note. The first-ever surprise planned by her little son for her. She’s delighted to find such small surprises life has to offer to her. She realizes her little son is growing. She’s excited as her son made her day, not because he got a cake for her but because of the feeling that received as a gift; the feeling of being loved.  Meanwhile Terence pops out the balloon and dad joins him to sing the happy birthday song. Dad had gifted her a beautiful sari that night and mom was overjoyed by the father-son’s love towards her. After few months, Terence had joined a college to complete his higher secondary education. It was just like yesterday that he had started his college, but he had now completed his 2-year higher secondary course. At every end of course there was a few months holiday/break. Terence had got a new mobile from his father. Slowly he started being addicted to the social sites like facebook, Instagram etc. He had started making new friends via facebook. Some had bad habits of smoking and drinking, while a girl had started to chat with him daily. Both had started talking frankly. Meanwhile Terence’s Dad and Mom were not liking their son’s addiction with mobile. Mom had to call Terence 6-7 times for dinner every night which added more irritation to her. “What makes him so busy?” she would think. This became a topic on which both the parents would talk frequently on.  So mom decided to limit the internet. Every night at 9 pm, she used to turn off the router and then call Terence for dinner. “Why did you turn off the router? My friends are waiting for my reply!” grumbles Terence as he sits on the chair. “Don’t you have to give time to your family?” replies mom placing the plates on dinner table. “Mom, this holiday isn’t for spending time with family. I’ve got some new friends, I am eager to know about them, spend time with them. And by the way, there’s a whole life to spend with family” argues Terence grumbling. The expression on mom’s face changes. She’s not happy with the reply. “Terence” interrupts his dad in some anger. Dad continues “Speak politely to your mom. And she’s right, you are being too much addicted to your phone. Remember I may have to seize your mobile if such goes on.” “Errrrr… Dad, don’t irritate me” grumbles Terence with a bit anger and leaves his dinner half uneaten. “Terence, finish your dinner” said dad.Terence stood still (a few steps away from dinner table). “Now” ordered dad with a angry face. Slowly Terence sat on the chair and finishes his dinner. That night Terence was very upset due to the argument. The girl with whom he chatted daily was online. After some minutes to chat the girl proposed him. He was in dilemma about the proposal. But eventually, he gave it a try. Now he became more addicted to the social sites. They started going on dates. The girl was from a bad environment so, slowly Terence started smoking and drinking with her. Their relationship didn’t last long. Terence was very upset for their fake relationship and due to attachment with social sites his family was getting more irritated with him. So, he decided to complete his further educational courses abroad. He collected all possible details of universities abroad and he discussed it with his family. After a detail enquiry, he concluded to go Australia. He gave all the necessary exams and got his visa. With just a day away before the flight, mom starts making food items that he can take with him like pickles, dry meat etc. Terence was in delight while packing whereas his mom’s eyes covered with tears; tears of happiness that her son is going to start career as well as sadness that he is going so far. The flight day arrives. Dad and mom along with many other relatives and friends came to the airport to wave him a goodbye. “Remember, when you were going to school for the first time and you used to tell me crying you don’t want to go to school. And see now, how big you have become. Just difference now is …..I’m crying for letting my son go this far for the first time.” said mom with some tears dropping from her eyes. It is a difficult time for her. She has that soft corner for Terence; she doesn’t want her son to go. But she sees her son is happy with his decision, so she convinces herself; for his happiness. She sacrifices her desires with the hope his future is secured. “Oh dear mom.  Don’t cry…I’m always gonna be in your heart and you both are in mine.” hugs Terence to his mom. “That’s right, our little Terence has grown big and brave. Just a thing, always remember that you are the symbol of our love. So make this symbol shine brighter” hugs dad to his beloved son.After few hugs with all relatives and friends, Terence disappears into the departure port. After about 12 hours Terence calls at home just to notify them that he reached Australia. Reaching Australia wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was to live and earn. At first he had to struggle very hard to earn and thus to live.After completing his master’s course, he planned to go home to surprise his parents. But this time he had someone special coming with him to his home. For a vacation from work both came to Nepal, to meet their parents and have introduction to each other’s family. At first both went to Terence house. “Ting-tong”rang the bell. Terence’s mom had opened the door. She was in a great delight by the surprise. She hugged her beloved son. After a while he introduced his girlfriend, Elia, who he had been in love since last two years. Both mom and dad were in surprise by this. But after the introduction something happened that changed the scenario. “She’s not of our caste” whispered mom to his son. This made him impatient. After a argument, it was concluded that the girl wouldn’t be allowed to step in the house as Terence’s wife. The difference in culture & tradition between them, rites & rituals separated them. Dad tried to convince his son about this but Terence didn’t like to hear a word. And so he took Elia with him back to Australia. A month with no response from either of sides, it made their relation cooler. “I thought time won’t change blood’s relation. But I came to know, I was wrong” sowed mom keeping her head in dad’s shoulder. “Guess our symbol of love grew bigger but forgot who took him till there” said dad in sad voice. Both recurring all the childhood memories of their beloved son. “You shouldn’t have done so,…… You know” said Elia massaging Terence head. “Yeah! Neither should had they” Terence in a croaky voice. A wall of arguments and ego stands in between parent and their loved son. Son who grew big enough to lock his love for his origins inside his cage heart.