Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Extraordinary Journey of Searching ELECTRICITY

By admin

Days have ceaselessly passed. Months have run off. Years have waved Good-bye..!! Still, you are not here. Day and night, I think of your beautiful face; day and night, every cells of my body sweetly utters your name; day and night, I crave for your arrival. Every DAY AND NIGHT...Still, you defy all my deepest love, all my intense caring, and all my ever-lasting feelings for you. Still, you ignore me like giant creatures ignore Trivial One. You have forgotten me like a person having a memory loss... Deep down, beautiful memories we shared are bursting and exploding like an atomic bomb in my mind, and those reminiscences make me lost into our past world, those times when we endlessly loved each other. Still, no any sign of you. Nothing, but void inside my heart, a painful void created by your goodbye from my life, and the indescribable feeling of hurt like something clutching, crushing, squeezing my nimble heart. Where are you? Where have you gone? Where are you, my beloved? Where are you, dear ELECTRICITY?? The secret service agency CIA of USA, RAW of India and even world's greatest scientific unit NASA has failed on a mission to trace you. "This task to find Nepal's ELECTRICITY was the most HARDEST of all, even going on a moon was absolutely easy," President of NASA was quoting. Quite frankly, you have been named "Country's Most Mysterious". Every Remotes of TV, every Dust of Bulb, every Switch of Home, every Charger of Mobile, every Router of WiFi are desperately waiting for you to come. Since the time you left, all of them have been worrying, crying and also haven't eaten anything. The joyfulness of their glowing face has all faded like a spray of perfume on air and their heart has been broken countless time like a hammer ravaging glasses. However, the greater degree of your cruelty has depressed us NEPALESE, we all are dreamers. No matter the obstacles to be surmounted, we will continue to search you till last drop of blood remains in our veins. Wherever you are, wherever you are hiding, we will find you and we will again LOVE you...!! Author: Prajwal Nepal, Kathmandu