Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

"Expressing is an Art" - DWIT DeerExpress Club

By DeerExpress Club

Art By: Sneha Parajuli

What is freedom to you? To go anywhere you like? To wear whatever you like? To dance wherever you feel comfortable? To love whoever you want? Yes, this may be a simple definition of freedom, but freedom is more than this. Freedom is the way you express yourself or your feeling without being scared of the judgments people are going to throw towards you or without fear of losing relationships. Words you tell may not represent the actual you but you will be judged by those words. This is the power of expression. Expression can give life and death in relationships.

Art is the most beautiful way of expressing something. You are sad, paint a dark shadow. You are happy, make sunshine and the beautiful smiling faces. If you love nature, make a wonderful waterfall with tress around. Wow, this is freedom. Artists don’t think twice about losing friendships or relationships while sketching any art. Expressing is an art, it is freedom. Everyone has right to justify themselves or express their feelings. However, most of the people can’t justify this saying. Not a single person is bad; they are just unable to express themselves. The way they are going to be judged makes them weak and they fall behind in expressing themselves. They find being bad in front of others is easier than telling the truth.

Art is talent; it is the beauty added to life. People have freedom to express, love and hate. It is just the way people express themselves that make them everyone’s beloved or hated. The way to express is the key to happiness, it is the magic that can change your life into the most wonderful reality, it is the first and last step to understand yourself and make others understand what you are going through or what is your perspective regarding anything.

The day when you are able to express without worrying about people you love will be the day you free yourself. That day will be the day you justify the statement “Expressing is an art”. That day will be the day you will fully understand your own value rather than the people around you. Every time you face the problem alone, you cry alone, but you always give importance to the people’s judgments and stop listening to yourself. You stop expressing what you actually are facing and you become a victim. Either you will be judged as the worst person or a confusing person. But in actuality you are an isolated, alone and an unhappy person inside. The only reason of this isolation is lack of ability to express.

How to express? This is the difficult question in itself. If you find difficulty in expressing yourself by speaking, then write it down. Read a lot so that you can know how writers express themselves. You must learn the art of expressing. You can tell people to give you some topics and you can take it as a challenge and say whatever you like in that topic. This is what our club, the DeerExpress Club does. It provides the platform to express and always encourages the speakers to use the freedom of expression. The way of expressing is a single cause that can either make your world heaven or a dreadful hell. So, learn to express. It is like learning the art of living and yes, expressing is a beautiful art.

Written by DeerExpress Club Vice President: Barsha Dahal