Sun, 26 May, 2024

Express your feeling with rose

By Aishwarya Sapkota

Photo Courtesy: DWIT social service club
Recently, DWIT social service club organized an event named “Express your feeling with rose”. This event was organized as valentines day special. It started from 7th Feb till 14th Feb.   This event was mainly focused on DWIT members and employees as well. The system which DSS club followed during this event was a thing to appreciate. For the registration, any DWIT member could go to the stall (between 3pm-6pm) and fill up the form. The form included the name of the person to whom roses are to be delivered, building number, and the secret message. Basically, there were two different kinds of roses ie handmade for those who prefer creativity and real for expressing love. Anyone could choose between these and also color preferences were warmly welcomed.  The price of real rose was Rs.100 whereas   Rs.40 was the price of artificial rose.   Roses were distributed whole valentines week as per the order. Club special extempore session on last Friday was one of the best ways for distributing roses done by Social service club. As the name of person and messages were revealed at the stage during that program, audiences seemed to be more interested in buying and surprising their loved ones.   This increased the excitement level and a moment of laughter along with joy was shared among all the DWIT students.   Here are some of the opinions of students from this event:   “Since people can express their feeling without their identity It was awesome.” – Nishad Bijukkche ’21   “I was totally surprised when I got rose in the middle of class. And the best part was having a sweet message inside the rose.” - Shreejan Pandey '21   “Being the one with so many roses and loads of love made me shy a little bit. And yes, thanks to Social service club for making my valentine beautiful.” Binita Sapkota, Employee