Sun, 26 May, 2024

Express Your Feeling With Rose

By Moon Shrestha

  February is often called the month of love as Valentine’s day is celebrated in this month. People around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation to the people they love and adore. People offer greeting cards, chocolates, flowers and in particular roses to their partners or admirers. As soon as February started, DWIT Social Service club in association with The Artistas came up with a special event, “Express your Feelings with Rose.” The event started on Feb. 6 and will end on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14. It is a rejoicing event where people can present roses within the Deerwalk complex to their loved or admired ones. We can get roses, message, and gifts at a desk in the Deerwalk complex by giving a minimum amount of expense with or without disclosing the names and it would be delivered to whoever it is addressed to. This event is organized for people to express their feelings and make their loved or adored ones feel special. Since it is also an event of the DWIT Social Service club, one of the objectives of the event is to feed homeless children with the profit the club makes. According to the president of the club, there was a positive response from Deerwalk family. People loved both the artificial and original roses and really appreciated the event. With great response and interest in the event especially from the students, the event has been a success. This event brought smiles and feeling of admiration to many students. Here are some of the response from students who received roses. “I felt so happy and shy at the same time. I had so many mixed emotions. And, I’m really curious to know who my secret admirer is.” – Pallavi Ghimire '20 “Honestly saying, I hadn't expected anything from anyone so when I got the rose I was dumbstruck and happy as well.” – Supriya Dhakal '20 “It was very unexpected when I heard my name. I didn’t know how to react and felt nervous at the same time. But after seeing the roses and the gift I felt very special and happy. I felt I’m special and important to someone.” – Sunita Kunwar '20 The event was full of admiration and passion. It brought a different kind of environment in Deerwalk mixed with love and fun. Events like this should be always appreciated and admired.