Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Experiencing Offsite Housing Provided By DWIT

By Sabin Pathak

Photo: Offsite Housing Managed by DWIT Picture Courtesy: Sabin Pathak

It is very difficult to be away from our beloved family. Especially, the students who stay away from their family with the aim to pursue better education have to pass through various difficulties. The first problem in their step is to find a place to stay in. Searching for a room in rent especially in a city like Kathmandu is not a simple thing. One requires spending a lot of time searching for a room. Only finding the place to stay in is not the end, the place should be within our comfort zone. So, the best destination for the students will be hostel or offsite housing facility provided by the college.

DWIT has managed offsite housing facility targeting the students especially from outside the valley. DWIT started providing this facility to the students since Ashad, 2072. Currently, there are two students staying at this housing including me. There are few vacant seats available in offsite housing and DWIT has announced it among the students. It is looking forward to fill in the vacant seats from among the interested students currently studying at DWIT or new students who have recently been admitted to DWIT.

[caption id="attachment_9243" align="aligncenter" width="418"]10th block The 10th Block[/caption]

DWIT started its offsite housing in its 10th block and currently we are at its 10th block. Once we were shifted to its 11th block and again re-shifted to the 10th block from 11th block two months ago. There was the problem of constantly shifting of the building. During shifting, there is high chance of misplacing our belongings. So, I hope DWIT would pay some attention to the problem of frequent shifting of the building.

As its 10th block is closer to the old entrance gate, it takes around 6-8 minutes to reach college on foot now. Previously, it was quite fun as it was really close to our offsite house. DWIT promised to provide the following facilities in its offsite housing.

-          Bed, Furniture

-          Electricity/Water

-          Internet

-          Daily Cleaning [Corridor, Hang out Areas and Kitchen]

However, we are provided with only bed, furniture, electricity and water till now. It is because there are only two students and DWIT has to invest more cost on buildings. The management has promised to add internet and daily cleaning facilities after the vacant seats will be fulfilled. The students staying at the housing provided by college should share room. There will be maximum of two people in a room based on the room size. One should pay NRs. 5,000 for utilizing the offsite housing facility.

Sagar Giri, a student staying at offsite housing, says, “Staying in offsite house is like staying in a rented flat, but there has been some lack of facilities like Internet and cleaning. The cost will be feasible if and only if all facilities so promised are provided. Let’s hope these facilities will be provided soon.”

Hope all the vacant seats will be fulfilled and offsite housing will be provided with all the promised facilities soon.

Staying at offsite housing will be a great experience. So, come and join us!

P.S. This is our opinion. Do get yourselves clear with the admin and not just rely on this article before joining the hostel.