Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

My Experience with the DWIT News Club

By Shreha Regmi

I cannot actually remember the date, but I was in first semester when the idea of establishing a news club was brought up by our very own Hitesh Sir. Hitesh sir was inspired by the Yale Daily Newspaper. He wanted DWIT to be the first college to launch their very own e- newspaper. But since we were very few in numbers, he decided to make it a weekly thing. I still remember, we all were very excited, and all of us were thinking of a new name, and finally came up with DWIT News. Our mentor then, was Mr. Daulat Jha, and he emailed everyone saying, "Those who are interested, send their names." At the first meeting, I saw many new faces and Pratibh Dai was the president of the club. There were people on the design team, and reporters and editors. And this is how the news club started. Looking back, we have come a long way, and remembering, it was really hard to write a single article at the beginning. We would always depend upon the editors, since we had no idea how to write. But it is true, experience makes you go way up high. When I read my very first article, I am quite proud of myself. For if I hadn’t tried back then, then I would have never come this far. After sometime, Daulat sir left the college, and we had a new mentor, Shristi maam. She is wonderful; she taught us about plagiarism and said that it was a crime. I had no idea about it, and after that I began writing every article in my own words. I stopped referring to Wikipedia or such sites. Every Sunday, at college, Shristi maam and Pratibh dai used to sit in the teacher's room editing all the articles. It was nice watching both of them work, for they did a great job and I feel proud of their efforts. Then, we were assigned a new mentor, Menosh, and she is the most amazing person I have ever met in my entire life. I remember a few weeks earlier talking with Umang, “Why can’t everyone be like Menosh?” And he replied, “There can be no one like her.” She made us bring out our opinions in everything that we write, be it talk programs, or national or international news. She is the one who added spice to our club and our writing as well. And we all became attached to her in no time. We always had a meeting at 5, and we all would sometimes be waiting for Menosh, and sometimes she would be waiting for us. Ruby, Ashmita, Asmita, Nikita, Sneha, Bimal Dai, Barsha, Bidish Dai, Asmit, Ankit, Umang, Avusan, Sushant Dai, we all had a wonderful time. Bimal Dai, I’m still in news club (not officially I know) ;) . Both the outings are among the wonderful moments that I can never forget. The time at Funpark, specially. And now, remembering all those moments makes me really happy. I made a new family inside my college, a family I never thought I would make. The individuals involved in that club are amazing. It’s hard to bid goodbye because everyone is in a new club, and everyone is assigned new responsibilities. But I’ll always be a part of my club and I’ll never stop writing what I feel. Though I’m not an official member, but you people will always be in my heart and I’ll always be in yours. And for the new members, you guys are very lucky to be a part of the most amazing club ever. I’ll never miss you, because I’ll always be there, and you guys will always be in my heart. And also, I’ll never stop writing. This shuffling of clubs is a change, and changes are good. :D I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH! <3