Fri, 22 Sep, 2023

What If We Had No Exams?

By Utkrista K.C.

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A test or examination (informally, exam) is  a measure to test  a test-taker's knowledge, skill or his understanding on certain topics. Examinations are almost always stressful. What would our education system look like if we didn't have exams?

We asked some of the people about their views on no exams and here’s what we got:

"I am going to answer this question considering the conventional exams that we undertake at schools. School teaches a variety of subjects, some of which we prefer when some we don't. However, if there were exams, we would have to study them all, be it just for the sake of passing. So, I think schools would have been much more relaxing and fun if there had been no exams. The students would have the opportunity to keep learning things they like, examine their knowledge themselves, keep working on them to polish themselves on the things they really cherish doing, I mean their passion and have fun with it." -Ruby Shrestha, DWIT

"If there had been no exams there would be no study. Students cannot check their ability. Students will be careless in their study. Many average students study only due to the fear of failing exams and its future consequences, but if there will be no exams such students will definitely spoil their studies. It will be little hard to draw a parallel line between intelligent one and other students." -Anish Khadka, KCMIT

"Exams are very important for the students. Exams are the means to develop different skills like ", reasoning capabilities, punctuality, timing sense, writing skills, expressing thoughts and opinions. Students wouldn’t get a chance to know the degree where their knowledge is. The exam can also be considered as the platform to inspect the weakness of a person. Schools as the centers to develop such a career and life skills, wants to judge the level of their students, for school exams are the measuring device to trace their students. School exams help students generate interest and excitement to study the subject that they assumed to be less interesting before. Hence, exam teaches and gives training to various qualities like hardworking, patience, creativity, leadership, sense of competition, a sense of pride. If there were no exams, then schools will be useless as no one wants to go to school. Now a day’s schools are more often becoming the center to get the certificates for the height a student reached, and exams are the factor to measure such heights and qualities. No exam means, there will be no factor to measure qualities which will ultimately  motivate to attend the school activities." - Suryaraj Timsina, DWIT

"I think exam is an integral part of students & of school too. Exams wholly can’t determine the qualities of a student but they do in some extent and no school have better option than that to evaluate students. Without exams, there will be no knowledge test which directly affects the standard of student raising question in the manpower of nation. The sense of competition between any two students will also get vanished. I am sure that the reading, writing habit will decrease. There will be no evaluation between students…One funny fact “some students touch books one day before exam fearing of it, at least they touch books because there’s exam. I m thinking what will happen if there is no exam. They will not touch even a single book in their entire school career” and now think what happens to the manpower, knowledge? So I do not think schools without exams exist. Even if it exists, it will be like an engine, with zero output." -Utsav Thapa, Pulchowk Campus

"Exams are the test to examine our knowledge what we have gained in certain period so that we could do the right things in right way for the benefit of everyone. But nowadays students take exam as a punishment and when it comes they want to gain knowledge forcefully within and for short period. But in my opinion, they are a must because it reminds us what we have learned and how we are going to utilize it and it also measures our level of knowledge we have gained and subject of interest. So, it would be better to have exams rather than not having exams." -Basanta, K&K College

"If there were no exams, I wouldn't have studied in a serious way. I would never feel like I have failed in any subjects. It would be fun to learn and explore. I would have loved to explore various subjects like Physics and Chemistry but just at introductory level. I would have loved to continue to fine Arts, perhaps. I would have loved to add History to my lists of subjects because I love to know the stories behind things. I would have loved to take a sneak peek further into Biology." -Manish Dangi, DWIT 

"If there were no exams, then I would never touch my course books because I never find them productive. I reckon without exams my school would have been an actual place where I could learn." -Anjesh Shrestha, NCC College

"If there were no exams then the schools would be full of fun. The students would learn without any tension. The education would be gained with the fun. Children would be free to ask the teachers. Life would be full of joy. There will be absence of fear among the students." -Yunish Shakya, DWIT