Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Is This Over Or Should We Be Even More Prepared ?

By Navaraj Kharel

Photo Courtesy: Humankind is fragile and poor against the nature. All of a sudden everything changed and things got disoriented for the people of Nepal. People were forced to stare at their houses and live a life under the open sky. After experiencing the devastating earthquake we all knew that we could do nothing except praying for the good to happen when nature is at its worst.Thousands of people died and got wounded.

43 days have passed since the devastating earthquake hit Nepal and still the aftershocks have not stopped yet. However, people are trying to get back to their usual life. Those people who had left kathmandu after the earthquake are returning back. Schools and colleges have re-opened and they have opted a different method to help the young minds forget the painful memory. Dances and various programmes are being conducted in schools before getting back to the usuals. This quake has brought all Nepalese closer and developed the feeling of brotherhood in us. Youths were most active during this mournful period in helping victims in many possible ways. Many countries around the globe helped us to get past this nightmare. Six US Marines lost their life in the relief mission while delivering rice and tarps in Charikot when their helicopter crashed. They lost their lives trying to help the people in need.

In various Television Interviews experts said that we have been lucky this time. For nature may have saved us this time but may not when it will be next. Luck is not enough, now we should get prepared with stronger buildings using the latest earthquake resistant technology. Earthquake is scary and dangerous but it doesn’t kill people. It turns into a destroyer when the man made structure starts to collapse. Building codes were not strictly followed in Kathmandu and it led to the collapse of such building killing many people. A seven storey house of Kapan is a perfect example of such case.The government should enforce strict rules and regulations for building code and construction should not be done in a rampant way.We are totally unaware about the situation when will the next big quake will strike. The mighty earthquake cannot be stopped nor it can be predicted but we can minimize the casualties and destruction by using earthquake resistant technology and following building codes strictly. Natural Disaster are inescapable.Essentially, every country around the globe is prone to natural disaster.We can not disregard the possibility of earthquake again. We all have seen how destructive it can be through the videos of people being rescued from rubble and loss of lives and heritages. Though Japan is prone to earthqauke but there is very little damage or not at all. We also can be prepared to minimize the risk that can happen. Preparation and education regarding the earthqauke can only be a possible way to minimize the devastation in future. Stay Alert Stay Safe!