Fri, 24 May, 2024

Why Did We Even Believe In Them?

By Dipesh Poudel

YES! YES!! YES!!! It is finally happening. Our hard work has really paid off. Diamonds, pearls and gold are raining from the sky. We find mines of various important metals like iron, gold, and silver every day. No one ever gets sick. Vegetables and crops grow in the field without farmers. Everyone is educated without having ever gone to school and colleges. Foreign and internal investors are lining up to invest in various fields.

We are enjoying a very happy life. It is like a fairy tale. All thanks to our federal states for our ethnic groups. We had to fight very hard for this. We killed police officers even though they wanted to help us get our rights, and we also killed a two-year-old child just because he was the son of a police officer. Only after many innocent lives were taken away were we able to get a state for our ethnic group. It is bad that innocent people had to die, but due to those deaths we are enjoying our life now.

We only came to know about the federal states and all the good things that come along with it when our political leaders explained it to us in detail. They said that after we have our state, the moon will turn into a big ball of gold and come to our courtyard. I did not believe them at first, but now I understand that it was a very good metaphor for explaining happiness that can enter into of our life after getting a state for our ethnic group. I never thought that just by getting a federal state in the name of our ethnic group would we get introduced to such a good life.

I hear some sound; oh, someone is calling me. I open my eyes to the sound only to find myself in a prison. Shoot! That was just a dream. I am in prison for killing that small child to get the state for my ethnic group. Our demands were fulfilled and we got our state, but it did not change anything. The moon did not turn into a big ball of gold and land in our courtyard. I came to jail for killing that child. My wife died due to fever. A simple disease like fever took my wife's life because there was no doctor and medicine in our village. Happiness did not rain from the sky like the leaders had said. We still have to work very hard in our fields and we have to rely on rainwater to do farming. No industries have been established in our area since there were no investors. Our lives are still the same. Unlike what our leaders said, this federal state thing did not do anything good for us.

It was not a magic spell that brought all the good things for us; it was just a big LIE.

We killed innocent people including a two-year-old child for nothing. I blame both people and leaders for this. They did not understand federalism properly, and they tried to explain it to us. The reason for all those consequences is that we stupid people believed in those leaders!