Sun, 03 Dec, 2023

Entrance Preparation of Engineering and MBBS Have Become Easier With Meroanswer

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

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Each year, thousands of students prepare for entrance examination of Engineering and MBBS. However, there are limited seats for Engineering and MBBS, and hence it is very competitive to get the scholarship. Many students spend thousands of rupees for the preparation of entrance exams. The students who come from outside the valley also have to prepare for the entrance examination and it becomes even more expensive for them. In order to help such students, some of the graduates from Pulchowk campus developed an application called to solve this problem. The students who are currently studying +2 can also start preparing for the entrance exams via this platform.

Meroanswer is a web based and mobile application built using Python programming language and Django Framework. It helps the students to prepare for the entrance exams of Engineering and Medical Science. Students can give model exams which are based on the syllabus of IOE, IOM, MOE, BPKIHS, Indian Embassy, KU entrance. Students can practice the model exams subject wise as well. This application has an algorithm which can generate the question based on the difficulty level, performance and topics. The users are also given hints to help them solve the problems.

Meroanswer is a subscription model application. If anyone wants to use this application then they can practice a few of the question sets for free. After that, if they want to use this application for further preparations, then they have to contact the meroanswer team via their website (, Facebook page ( or phone number (9849516774) to get a coupon which gives them unlimited access to the system. And they have to pay Rs 1500 and get subscription for 6 month.

Meroanswer even organizes online competition which makes it easier for the students to know their overall rank among the students who are going to give the entrance exam. This way, they will know how much they need to prepare to be ready for entrance exams.

Meroanswer has become a platform which helps students to study as well as compete with each other before the examination.