Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

My English Teacher

By Shreha Regmi

Have you ever wished for a person who can listen to all your worries? You may have, right? But what if that person turns out to be your teacher. I did. And yes, I found that person to be my English Teacher. I am not talking about my teacher so I could impress her or something like that. In this news session, I had to write on another topic. But I told Bidish Dai that I would write two articles including this one. Well, since he is an editor, it was obvious for him to say go for it (hehe! sorry Bidish Dai). When our Academic Director, Hitesh sir sent everyone a mail about welcoming the Appl’s, I found out that we had a new English teacher. Her name was Menosh. She was also the new mentor for our DWIT News team. Everyone of us were really excited. And the first time I met her was in a news meeting. When I first saw her, I said to myself, “Oh! She’s really beautiful”. She was there taking note of every person’s name and the topic they were writing on. That day, I even got to see her cute little son, Bejan. The next day, I saw her again. She was our new English teacher and everyone was staring at her. They must have thought the same thing I had when I first saw her. She called everybody’s name and wrote it down on her blue notebook. She promised us that she would remember everybody’s name. The first class turned out to be fun, everyone was asking her all sorts of questions and she replied each one of them with ease. The next class, she made us watch a short film and we had a discussion over it. Not a debate but just a class discussion. She started teaching us life lessons by making us play games. One time, she brought different toys and threw everything at us. We had to pass that to our friends in an organizing pattern. During the whole passing session, she made us pass yet another thing. A glass full of water. We couldn’t even drop a single drop of water. And the 24 of us, we did it. After that she mentioned that the glass of water was our life and the toys, different obstacles. We face many obstacles in our life, but we still move on. Hence, we should never judge a person, for s/he may be facing some troubles. In another game we played, she asked for a volunteer and Shusil came up. The 47 of us made a circle and we had to tell what we saw. Some said Sushil’s back, some front and some his face. Then we had to move one round around him and during the process, we had to shout what we saw. After reaching our own place, she said that Sushil represented the truth. Truth is never mine or yours. It is everyone’s and we have to respect everybody’s truth. One can see only one part of the truth. The best thing about Menosh is that she is too good. Good to everybody around. She is the best teacher…. no, not a teacher but a friend. She can counsel a person and make everyone happy around her. She doesn’t eat much but feels full seeing everyone eating happily. She makes a scared person safe. She is the superwoman second only to my mom. I LOVE YOU MENOSH!! <3 :*