Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

Elections to be Held in Flood Affected Areas

By Giriraj Khatri

Image: Review Nepal
With houses being swept by flood, no scope for resettlement and no hope for future safety against floods, the citizens of province two of Eastern Terai are gearing up for local level elections due to be held on September 18. The Election Commission was finally able to fix a date for the election in 136 local units considered to be a stronghold of Rastriya Janata Party came to an agreement to go into the election. The election considered to be the litmus test for the Madhesh parties has an exciting number of participants. There are 36,073 contesting for the 6,627 posts.  With no clear front runner, the relief distribution program to flood victims and parties ensuring shelter and rehabilitation will tremendously affect the voter’s mentality. The victims are set up to vote for those parties or candidates whose manifesto is focused on rehabilitation and relocate the flood victims. However, it would be difficult to gain the trust of the general public as the previous candidate has stolen votes from them with false hope of moving them to the safer place. There was relief distribution program to the victims by political parties in order to cast votes in the upcoming election. There are also sites of candidates moving in the flood affected areas requesting for a vote. But, people are not going to believe their naïve saying as flood has become serious concern affecting thousands of lives every year. Until the sayings do not come into action, listing flood related activities in the parties manifesto will not be enough to have public support. Declaring attractive manifesto that is pleasing to hear by political parties have been going on since years and election in province 2 will not remain untouched by it. Making people dream of developed society through parties manifesto has become an election culture and these dreams have no chance of being fulfilled. Hence, voters must be aware while choosing their candidates as it's their voting that is going to determine the prosperity of their locality.