Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

I laid there drugged out in a hallucinating trip to the world that was beyond imagination. The light flickered by, walls started talking and I went into a deep trance of psychedelic illusions. The trips came and went in a spiral motion. The only one with whom I shared my happiness and sorrow was my girl whom I met a while back. I used to abuse her but she used to hold on to me. I did my best to abuse her but she kept holding on to me. An imbecile was all I was. The world hated me but she, all she ever did was never give up on me. On one trip, it grew so bad that I was nearly suffocating to my death but she held on to me tight and eventually brought me back. The events were getting stronger every day, more violent than ever. The monster inside me was in rage and she was the one who had to attract all those rage like a magnet. My rage, violence, anger soon started to show its’ effects on her and she started to become weak and feeble. Like a broken glass, she was in the state of never returning back from the past. Soon I was again in a hallucinating trance that a quarrel broke out between us. We fought like crazy. Fist and stuffs were flying everywhere. We couldn’t control ourselves and eventually I ended up shooting her. Everything went blur and I woke up in a place that I do not recall. The 'she' that I was referring to was my own body and my own alter ego and it was I who had ended up killing myself.