Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Mobile Applications Edge Over Desktop Applications

By Ankit Pradhan

21st Century is known as the century of technology and development. Though the 19th century was the beginning of technology and development, 21st century has given a new height to technology and advancement in the field of computer science. Everything seems like a miracle.

The hallmark of 19th century was the invention of computer. Computer from a size of a room to size of our palm. The development is rapid and it seems there is no stopping to this. Development in the field of technology has madelife easier. There are different software applications out there to assist in our work and save our precious time. Many innovative computer applications are redefining the way we think of computers.

In the beginning of 20th century, desktop applicationsused to be the king of the lot. Still manypeople heavily reply upon them. The market for desktop applications is still blooming but now most of the people use smart phones. The smart phone industry is having a growth that has never been seen before. Smart phones are everywhere,they are the go to gadgets for many people especially the youths. So the leading desktop software application market has gone downin a significant way.Mobile tech market is blossoming and most of the applications are built for mobile phones.

As compared to laptops and desktops, mobiles are easy to use. They are relatively cheap and portable which give them an edge over other bigger and heavier devices. While sitting in restaurant, in parks or traveling in bus we can see that most of people are using their smart phones. Mobile phones are the most personal devices and they are always with the people. The advancement in mobile phones now mean that they can do almost anything a computer does. Mobile application are also easy to use as well as build.

Some basic things such as listening to music, messaging and checking emails are quite easy on the mobile devices. The User Interface and the advantage of touch screen adds more value to the user experience. With bigger displays it is quite easy to navigate through the Internet and read things on the screen.

According to The U.S. Mobile App Report, mobile phoneshave become the leading digital platform. The main reason behind this is the use of mobile application and its market. About 52% of total digital media is conquered by mobile applications.