Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Education System of Nepal From Past to Present

By Raju Shrestha

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Everyone knows that education is the backbone of a nation. Education gives systematic knowledge to the individuals and helps to sharpen their ability. Nepal is still practicing traditional type education although the course designers claims that they are designing modern education syllabus. In practice there is not much progress in the education system in Nepal, except in a few schools and colleges. Most of schools and colleges think that only text book is enough for the students; but in fact the role of information technology plays a very important role in modern system of education.

The education system of Nepal was not good before the introduction of democracy in 2007. They followed the ancient education system which was heavily influenced by religion. Basically, Hindu education was given in Temple and Guru Ashram whereas Buddhist education was given in Gumbas and monasteries.  During Rana’s regime education was only for the Rana’s family; general people could not get chance. But after the introduction of democracy few schools were open in different parts of the country. Then common people got the chance of getting formal education for the first time. During the Panchayat regime, Nepalese education system progressed a little more. Many schools and college had opened in different parts of the country.

The present education system is different from past. The past education system was only theoretical but due to the influence of information technology Nepal has been trying to give technical and vocation education; which is the need of 21st century. The use of information technology helps each and every students and teachers to get up to date information regarding the subject matter in depth. They can bring the world inside their room; they can make their classroom and home as research field.

 Although the use of information technology helps to connect the individual to the world, Nepal still fails to give quality and skill oriented education to its citizens. Only the few private institution have implement the use of information technology in the education field but with very high cost.

Nepal still needs to do lots of things to improve the education system and reach them to each and every citizen. For this we have to face many challenges and obstacles. So one should be focus on giving the technical and vocational type of education, which helps to produce skilled manpower and also enables us to address the present demand and issue of the nation.