Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Education System And Examinations In Nepal

By Suraj Prasai

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This is what the great Nelson Mandela believed. So, in order hold this powerful weapon and use it properly, a proper foundation is required. And this is where the education system plays a vital role. The education system plays a vital role in shaping the mind of a student. Keeping these things and the recent Semester-I final board examination in mind, DWIT News asked a few students to express their views of the recent examination and education system of Nepal.

What is your opinion on the recently held examination?

The recently held exam was best I have ever taken. It passed by like a dream. The questions were really easy on some subjects while some were scary and hard. Overall, I think I did well.

  • Sulav Prasain(Class of 2019)

Is there any aspect in which education system of Nepal can be improved?

In Nepal theoretical education is given more priority but in reality, we need practical education. So I think this point has to be focused on. -Yunish Shakya (Class of 2018)

Is DWIT education environment good?

To say that an institution has a good environment we look for aspects like the way of teaching, involvements of students in various activities, opportunities provided for the students, response to students queries and these aspects are non-questionable here at DWIT.

-Mahan Adhikari (Class of 2019)

What is your view of the education system of Nepal?

Different people have different perspectives and ways of thinking. I think the education system in Nepal is really good. I actually like the education system here. -Pratibh Acharya (Class of 2015)

What is your opinion on the recently held examination? What was it like?

Questions were comparatively easy and the center was not that strict. A lot better result compared to that of old DWIT finals is expected. -Ashmita Ghimire ( Class of 2019 )

What is the condition of education in rural areas?

Nepal’s education system is of poor quality, especially in public schools. Studies reveal that hardly any learning and teaching occurs in rural public schools. There are very little testing and no help for students who are struggling. -( Anonymous )

What was the examination center like?

It was not that strict. But TU can do a lot to improve the quality of the center, especially the maintenance of the center, deployment of teachers, and managing the required things during exams. -Saras Karanjit (Class of 2019)

Is there a hope for quality education for all in Nepal?

Despite current struggles for education in Nepal, UNESCO has pointed out that there are ways to remedy the situation. Different policies have helped countries as diverse as Nepal and Nigeria get more children into school. Organizations such as the Global Partnership for Education and Reach out to Asia (ROTA) are raising funds to support educational projects in Nepal and other countries. -( Anonymous )

In what way you want the DWIT to change its education system?

Changes are essential for the growth of any institution or for an individual. If the students are not made to feel pressurized it's certain that they can do better than before. If the institution could provide moral support and encourage the students, the education provided here would be top notch.

-Milan Budhathoki (Class of 2019)