Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Earthquakes Around the World

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

In 2015, we have been witnessing many earthquakes around the world. They have been coming quite frequently and causing panic and mayhem. If we take a look at the seismology data of 2015, we can see that there have been 15 earthquakes around the world that have measured 7.0 or higher on the richter scale.

Earthquakes have been hitting Japan, Chile and Mexico recently. On 26th September, Chile experienced an 8.3 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 20.7KM. The death toll was 14. This was a serious earthquake, but thankfully the death toll amounted to very few people. On September 13th, Mexico also experienced an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude in the Mexican city of Baja California. The death toll was 4 and 100 people were injured.

Meanwhile in Japan, a string of earthquakes is shaking the country. Though Japan is no stranger to earthquakes, a lot of them have been occurring throughout the country. In recent days, Japan has had earthquakes ranging in magnitudes from 4.8 to 7. Many of them have been occurring deep inside the earth, so there aren’t many victims but most of them are occurring at depths of 21 KM or less. This is a matter of concern. There are also reports that earthquakes are occurring at the seabed around the coast. This can be potential signs of an approaching tsunami, so people are on high alert.

2015 has not been a good year in matters of earthquakes. This phenomenon is common around the world and is harmless if they occur deep inside the earth. The problem arises when earthquakes are triggered towards the crust of the earth. That is when people start to get affected.

So, stay safe and stay well informed. Take care!