Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Earthquake shattered the dreams of Chaute VDC – Nuwakot

By Anish Thakuri

Photo: Scenes around Chaute VDC - Nuwakot All Photos By: Pratik Budathoki 

After the massive earthquake in Nepal, the  district of Nuwakot has become a place full of suffering. The district has come up in the list of most affected regions, after Sindhupalchowk and Kathmandu. The quake has shattered the dreams of many people in the area. Many historical buildings, temples & major prominent heritage sites which add to the beauty of Nuwakot, have been badly damaged.  About 45000 houses have been destroyed by the tremors, with most of them completely demolished. It has been estimated that 1000 people have lost their lives. Thousands of the animals were swept away to which most of the people depended on to sustain their lives.


Chauthe VDC, one of the remote areas of the district, has been badly affected by the quake. There aren't any houses remaining in that district. Almost all houses are completed or partially destroyed. It seems that all of those houses need to be reconstructed. Since most of the people were outside their  houses during the the earthquake, few people died. Many people relied on cattle farming to earn their livelihood but the earthquake has taken them. So, many people are distraught as how to go on earning their livelihood. A great amount of granary stored in the upper section of the houses known 'Bugel', have become a subject of debris. They are in immediate need of tents as far as the shelter is concerned.  Some have managed to construct  temporary sheds. Since monsoon season is near, some of the houses are also in the risk of coming under landslides.

[caption id="attachment_6641" align="aligncenter" width="366"]Volunteering around Volunteering around[/caption]

On 10th May, five volunteers from Deerwalk Social Welfare Network (DWSWN) visited  those areas and provided some small relief of help for each home.  The volunteers had also done a survey a week ago to know the condition of that area. Based upon the survey, DWSWN  decided to provide a primary relief in cash amount of Rs. 3000 to each household. Out of the 250 households which were estimated, the team  distributed the cash to 67 households. The rest of the households will also be covered very soon as per the Surendra Nath Adhakari, the leader of the team. He also encouraged the people to rebuild the village and restore it.

[caption id="attachment_6643" align="aligncenter" width="366"]Surendra Nath Adhikari assisting one of the locals by providing cash Surendra Nath Adhikari assisting one of the locals by providing relief amount[/caption]

Since the people of these areas are extremely disappointed with the government, they feel that concerned authority has not drawn any attention to them. According to the villagers, their constitutional assembly leader had promised to uplift the lifestyle of the people when he asked them to vote for him. But they are yet to see him after that day. The villagers were extremely pleased and appreciated the actions of DWSWN. They told us that, the money they received would be spent in their urgent needs of the families and provide the tents for them.