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Nepal Earthquake 2015: What They Were Doing

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prayfornepalHello LUCKY ones, the ones who did not get engulfed by the quake of 25th April in Nepal and are doing fine reading this article. Thank God that you’re safe, and we hope that you are doing your bit to help the ones in need.

Every other person who survived the 7.8 rector earthquake and its aftershocks in Nepal has a story to tell about what they were doing at the time of the earthquake. DWIT News decided to gather some of such stories from the DWIT members. Here are some of those:

Abhisekh Khatiwada Second Semester Student I was in college at the time of earthquake in Class of 2016 Section B. I was having my guitar lessons with Anmol dai. I was learning the song Maya by Uglyz when I felt the sudden earthquake. For a few seconds I held the wall. I had no idea what to do. Then I turned around to find the classroom empty, everyone else was under the desk. I ran and sat under the desk. During Sunday's earthquake, I was waiting in the queue at the ground where we were staying. I was arguing with my mom. I told her that we should go home and the earthquake proved me wrong. The houses around us were shaking like bamboos.

Sushant Gurung Fifth Semester Student I was at my home on my laptop. After I felt the earthquake, I waited for it to stop. After it was done, I ran outside. I saw that the school which is behind our home had some cracks. Fortunately, nothing happened to my house. I am currently in Gorkha.

Menosh Appl Mentor, DWIT News | English Faculty Member at DWIT I was at the CIWIC Clinic, I had to go in because my blood sugar was severely low and I needed to get an IV. I was laying down in bed and suddenly I noticed my IV shaking and of course that really hurt my arm, I sat down and saw the chairs being flung towards the door and the water tanks had fallen...I knew it was an earthquake. I stood up, held on to the door and waited. A nurse saw me and shouted that I must go downstairs, outside in the parking lot. I slowly went downstairs and saw all the patients, nurses and doctors huddling in front of the building. The earth kept shaking, a lady was praying in Nepali. Another was crying as her friend held her. A young girl was holding onto her boyfriend's arm, visibly distraught. We all just kept staring at each other and every time the earth shook, the clinic staff would yell "Aayo Aayo". As time passed by in a snail's pace, people, who had been hurt, injured due to rubble or glass falling on them, were brought in by taxis or on bikes. It became crowded and bleak really fast. The aftermath of an incident is always worse than the incident itself. What transpired is going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

Ankit Karki Second Semester Student I was watching the movie "Penguins of Madagascar" with my cousin in my bedroom and all of a sudden everything around me started shaking. I was petrified. We(me and my mom) ran out of the room. I knew that my dad was on the 3rd floor. My mom started shouting "get down get down" and I shouted "no dad stay there for a while." He stayed there and he came down after things settled.I saw many people screaming and crying. That was the most awful feeling ever! Yet were still going through fear and pain. It felt like everything was over. I thought that we don't appreciate pleasure, if we never have pain we will rise and shine again despite of our pains.

Anmol Shrestha Third Semester Student I was busy with Music Club on Saturday. There were a couple of new faces that wanted to learn guitar that day. I was in the classroom giving guitar lessons to Barsha Dahal and Abhishek Khatiwada while Abhusan closely observing. I ordered Abhishek to practice what I had taught him, then as I stood up from my seat. A moment later it started shaking like crazy. Everyone in the room ducked under the benches and I was standing by the door grabbing it as tightly as I could. The only word that I was spitting off was "F#@!" as I tried to reach to the other room. I was concerned about my laptop as it may fall down during the earthquake. After the earthquake calmed down I captured a selfie video and rushed outside the college.

Nikita Gautam Third Semester Student I was in New Road near Basantapur area searching for ATM with my mother. When the earthquake happened I ran towards a pole. I did not know that it was an electricity pole. My mother was scared and so was I.

Sagar Giri Fifth Semester Student I was in my room watching "2001 A Space Odyssey" just after cooking food. I felt the earthquake and ran outside,

Prayush Shrestha Second Semester Student I had just completed watching the movie "Taken" and was about to take a nap. I think that I flew outside my house because I ran so fast.

Abhishek Gupta Fifth Semester Student I was in my room making the DWIT News App design and was thinking to take a shower later. I was working on the Authors page.

Sumit Shrestha Fifth Semester Student I was playing basketball. So I felt safe.