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DWITians play their first outdoor Football Match

By Sushant Gurung

On April 6 2014, students gathered at Three Star Club’s Ground in Lagankhel to play the first outdoor football event of DWIT. Previously, the students had visited the Futsal Arena at Boudha to play football, a lot of times. The real quality of the players was tested on Sunday, when DWIT decided to organize a team selection football match on a real football ground. The selection was done by The Sports Club of DWIT. The students reached the ground at 15:45 and wore the gears needed for the game. Everyone looked very energetic and all set on their newly bought outfits and boots. The event started with the students taking a circle of the field and performing some exercises to loosen up their muscles for the game. There were 24, who had responded a ‘Yes’ to the event, but only 17 were present at the ground. After quite a while, the players were divided into two teams, yellow and red, with 8 and 9 players respectively. Then, the game started. The tempo of the game was very soft at the beginning. The momentum began when the Red team scored the first goal. Yellow team was completely outplayed by team Red until Pratik’s goal came to the rescue. The equalizer didn’t last long as Muskan, player of the red team converted an awesome pass of Sujan Chauhan  into a goal. At the end, the Red team won 2-1 against the yellow team. Suman reshuffled the team again for the second match of the day. Later, Sujan was replaced by Prajjwol Sthapit as a striker for the Red team. All players from both the sides were playing  very well. Red team scored the leading goal again. The game was looking good, but unfortunately due to insufficient time it had to end sooner. At the end, everybody was looking extremely tired yet everyone seemed gleeful. “We never thought it would be this fun. We look forward to organize these kind of events frequently.” Said Pratik Budhathoki, president of The Sports Club. “This was the best game I have played with my friends in DWIT.” said one of the players. Concluding the event, everybody headed back to their homes. For additional information, contact: Pratik Budhathoki, President – The Sports Club; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 4-485424.