Wed, 04 Oct, 2023

DWITians Blend in the Musical Aura

By Asmita Subedi

Photo : "Raw Rhythms" performers at their best.  Photo Courtesy : Nikita Gautam and Rojina Shrestha On March 26, 2015, Lhotse Hall, mastering and setting a record, Music Club successfully organized its first unplugged session “Raw Rhythms”. The program started late at around 5 pm and there were few audiences in the beginning, but the number increased later. Even though the setting of the stage seemed to be clumsy and less equipped, the session scored a remarkable success. The first performer, Dipesh Bhandari, from the freshmen year won the heart of the audiences with his passionate performance on the song “I won’t give up on us” by Jason Mraz. Nikita Gautam and Bidur Banstola, the heartthrobs of DWIT, from the sophomore year sang magnificently “Bistarai Bistarai”and“Samjhana Birsana” which made audiences go along with them in the rhythms. Bipin Paudel, from the sophomore year amazed everyone by singing three awesome songs in a row, articulating priceless facial expressions filled with emotions; ‘Aatma’ by Aastha, ‘Herana Malai Yo Hawa le’ by Sudip Gurung and 'Goodbye My Lover’ by James Blunt. Sushant Gurung, the musicoholic  guy from the junior year, who is also the president of Music club, gave marvelous performance as always  singing 'Nadekekai bhaye hunthyo’ and ‘Meri Maya fulJastai’. Anmol  Shrestha and Umang Gurung, the music obsessed guys from the sophomore year sang ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ and ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis which gave tingling goosebumps to the audiences. To add the twist in the plot, other students who hadn’t come prepared were also encouraged giving impromptu performances and exposing their hidden talent. The next participants who volunteered to perform were; Anish Thakuri, Shreha Regmi, Sanjay Rimal and Rojina Karki. Fortunately, they all turned out to be good singers and were appreciated by all. Hitesh Karki, the Chief Academic Director, DWIT, appreciated the performers and Music Club for taking such an initiative and promised to provide necessary musical equipment and manage red carpets for the upcoming musical sessions. He too astounded the audiences performing on some of his favorite songs, ‘Knocking on heaven’s door’, ‘Give me some sunshine’ and  more. The environment was filled with music and fun and none could help themselves from singing no matter how bad they sang. At the end, Music Club, the wonderful gang of music junkies gave euphoric performances on their own created song, “Love love love..Never gonna break your love” which was applauded with unending claps. "The song was really captivating and I can’t still get it off my head", said Abhusan Gautam. Bipin Paudel said, “I sang the songs close to my heart dedicating to someone special and the feeling was just wonderful. Music makes me feel alive”. Also Nikita Gautam said, “Sometimes moments like these become the most beautiful part of my life. Special thanks to the Music club.” Shreha Regmi excitedly said, “I wasn’t prepared and when my friends called out my name, I was scared and nervous. But anyway I pulled it off!! Next time I will practice and give it my best :) .” Hitesh Karki said, "It was awesome to be part of the program. You guys thoroughly entertained us. I really appreciate for putting in your time and effort to put together a cozy little program and we will only get better from here!” One of the audiences said, “All those moments were really magical. I got so captivated and enthralled after every performance. The way performers sang with all their hearts and reminiscing emotions added beauty to their talent. Really appreciate Music Club for taking such an initiative.” Sushant Gurung and Anmol Shrestha, the president and vice-president of the Music Club said, “We really appreciate the effort put on by every participants and audiences to make our event a success. We encourage even more participation and we promise to do our best in every possible way in upcoming days. Your responses and suggestions will be highly appreciated.” Overall the performances were really great but there are always rooms for improvement. So, DWITians look forward to upcoming unplugged sessions. Hope these events get even bigger and better. Cheers to Music Club!! :) :)