Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

DWIT : A True Technology College

By Ankit Pradhan

DWIT is one of the most reputed BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal. As per the survey conducted by the Everest Club, it is the number one BSc. CSIT college in Nepal. In a very short period, it has been able to make itself a well known computer science college in the country. Both Deerwalk Services and DWIT are in the same premises sharing the same building which adds benefit to the students to resolve their queries as an when required by seeking help from different domain experts in the services. DWIT has a better lab and good educational facilities than a majority of other colleges in the city. It is also planning to extend its lab services. As we all know, studying is mandatory in every college and it is by default known that students ought to study. However, DWIT differs from other IT colleges in this aspect. It is known for its unique way of teaching. Besides the academics, the college focuses on other activities as well. In different periods of time, the college is providing different programming workshops, soft skill developments classes, programming classes to increase the students’ self-confidence and knowledge base. Currently, the college is providing classes on virtualization and R programming language. Talking about the existing technological facilities in DWIT, there is a Check-in and Check-out application that is being used in the main gate of the college. Before entering the college, the visitors should get their names noted down. Then, they are provided with a card of DWIT by the guard. This card needs to be swiped in the main gate to get access into the premises. Students are also given ID cards and those without the cards aren’t permitted to enter the college. In DWIT, we can find well maintained computer labs. Moreover, the college has given liberty to the students to maintain the lab and the students get paid for that. There is 24/7 internet service and internet speed is also fast. The entire DWIT building is connected with Wi-Fi. They can access the internet anywhere inside the college. In order to meet its objective, the college has provided students with all the facilities required. As a part of academic activity, there are always different presentations that need to be performed by the students. To service the students, the administration has provided majority of the classes with attached projectors and is in the process of providing such projectors to the remaining classes which are currently being serviced by portable projectors. Moreover, the college proposes to facilitate each class with private audio visual facility. Furthermore, the college is also going to launch different applications built by the students to increase the efficiency of the college administration and activities. It is going to launch LMS (Library Management System) which will ease the library management. Students will actually be able to book the required books from their home. They will be able to view the list of books that they have borrowed and the books that are available in the library. In addition to this, the online attendance system has already been developed and is on the verge of being applied for easing the attendance management of the college. With this application, the teachers will be able to take attendance in tablets and administration will be notified at the same time about the students who are absent for the class. In the college, every student has his/her own dream projects which will be converted into real products during their study of 4 years. In the end of the bachelor’s level, every student will have two individual products and a group product. The college will be helping the students in every possible way for their product development. Hence, DWIT is progressing exponentially to meet its goal of becoming the best IT college in Asia. Being heralded as the best BSc. CSIT college in Nepal, it is striving to live up to its title. Certainly, not everything is completely perfect. Thus, it is working to get the small problems in the list fixed immediately. If it overcomes all of its setbacks it will keep its position and even rise up to become one of the bests in Asia. If it ignores them, it will fall down from its throne.