Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

DWIT Surpasses Expectations From Class of 2020

By Moon Shrestha

Class of 2020 on a Hike to Nagarkot                                                                                       Photo Credit: DWIT Hiking and Adventures Club

After one heck of a journey from school to high school, starting college feels like starting a new life; something that's different and mature. Obviously, there’s excitement and anxiety about meeting new people, determination and aim to achieve goals, and of course lots of expectations. It has been about a month since Class of 2020 began their college life in DWIT. Some of the students from the new class were asked if DWIT had matched their expectations. Here’s what they had to say: “I don’t have an exact picture of my expectation, but it won’t be wrong to say that the reality has surpassed my expectations in so many ways. I vividly remember my first day in DWIT. I asked myself so many perplexing questions, like if I’m in the right place? And now after a month, I can say ‘Yes’ DWIT is exactly the kind of school I’ve been looking for and I feel blessed to be here. It’s a long journey ahead I got to make along with the institution, and I believe it will help me write my tale in an adventurous way. It’s tough to abridge my first month at DWIT in a few lines. However, if I had to explain it in a word, I would say it as an ‘astounding’ one.” - Riwaj Chalise “They say, ‘When you have expectations you’re up for disappointment.' But this saying doesn’t apply to DWIT. I believe DWIT exceeds any and all expectations a student has for an IT college. So far, the environment, classes and facilities provided by DWIT has proved to be all wonderful, amazing and resourceful at the same time.” - Shreya Sapkota “Partially remembering my first day at college, everything was so new, starting from the classes to the people. The things I’d expected is less than what the college has actually provided. The only question I asked myself was could I be able to adjust in this place and easily be a part of it.” - Aayusha Paudel “My first month in DWIT was quite a fun ride. I got to meet these amazing people with whom now I’m friends with and also the seniors who are fun to be around and helpful too. Talking about the studies and other activities, I did find it interesting and difficult too. Overall, this past month went by in a short time and I’m enjoying it so far. Talking about the expectations, I did have a lot of expectations from college - from the teaching faculties to the type of people I would meet and interact with. The college has clearly not disappointed me with the assignment work it said it would give and the studies being tough. Aside from that, it has met up with my expectations so far and I’m longing to see what it will be like in the long future.” - Supriya Dhakal “The week before my first day, many emotions spread through my head like a wildfire. I had many plans set up firmly, things I wanted to learn, master and accomplish. I’d try to imagine what my friends were going to be like. If they will accept me as their own or not. How will the teachers react to me? These thoughts grew stronger as the first day of college approached. But after the first day of college, I had my goals set clear for the coming week. I wanted to make new friends, do well in studies, complete my assignments in time, get awesome grades in tests, and most importantly rock my first semester. Although it has been a month being here at DWIT, my energy and excitement remain the same. I have great friends who have my back, great teachers that give their 110 percent. All in all, the college had matched my level of high expectation. It is truly a dream come true. Though it is too early to know how my semester is going to be, I’m sure I’m going to rock it!” - Jubindra K.C. “ 'Life is like a drawing book. Fill it with colors and it will look beautiful. Leave it blank and you'll have no attraction.' With this quote in my head, I wondered if this college would help me embrace my book i.e. have a life full of confident and cheerful colors. The learning/teaching methodology of DWIT explained at the Open House Sessions built the faith that DWIT has a unique and disciplined style of studying technique. As expected the method of teaching/studying is quite practical and disciplined. Moreover, the quality of teaching and the method of studying i.e. lab assignments, practical works, projects etc. are much more appreciable than expected. I had thought DWIT is a college where we learn about technologies but eventually after starting college, I learned to use technologies as per the surrounding requirement i.e. the use of technology even to eat/get food (Deerwalk Food System). It showed how mildly technology is used in day-to-day Deerwalk life.” - Shrayash Shrestha