Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

DWIT Students Visit Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center

By Prayush Shrestha

Photo: DWIT
Fifteen students from Class of 2018 accompanied by Hitesh Karki, Chief Academic Officer of DWIT and Sunil Chaudhary, DWIT R&D Unit Head visited Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Center situated at Nashikthan, Sanga. The students visited the center to analyze and understand the current working methodology of the center and to identify the needs and requirements for a computerized system in carrying out the day-to-day activities of the organization. The students were given a tour of the center by one of the staff members who briefed the students about the current working methodology of the center. The students learned how the center carried out tasks such as inventory management, patient management, patient tracking, accounting management, employee management, etc.

About Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center was inaugurated in April of 2002 at Jorpati, Kathmandu and was shifted to its current facility in 2008. This center is run by Spinal Injury Sanga, Nepal. The board members of this institution consist of different social activist like Madan Krishna Shrestha, Haribansa Acharya and is chaired by Meera Joshi. This non-profit institution provides rehabilitation facilities to the patients of Spinal Injury with aim of helping them to rebuild their lives with the limit of their ability. This center solely runs on donations from different other organizations. The 28 Ropani area of the institution was donated by Mountains to Mountains organization of Berne, Switzerland. There are different departments within the organization serving different purposes. The different department includes x-ray, Urodynamic, OPD, Physiotherapy, occupational therapy etc. A separate vocational building is also established to provide different kinds of training to the patients which include embroidery, tailoring etc. The rehabilitation process runs for three months with the possibility of a time extension based on the patient’s progress. After successfully completing the rehabilitation, the patients are provided with vocational training. The rehabilitation costs Rs 850 per day. This cost includes physiotherapy, different kinds of trainings, bed facilities etc. Patients are also provided with mental rehabilitation by an in-house psychiatrist to motivate them and boost up their confidence. Different team building activities and competitions are conducted regularly. Currently, all the operations are conducted manually keeping all the records in a register. Different patients have different files to keep the records. Once a patient successfully completes his/her rehabilitation, updates about the patient are made by calling them periodically.