Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

DWIT Students Give Suggestions to S.L.C Appeared Students

By Dipesh Poudel

Photo Courtesy: http://blog.ccbcmd.edu/

The so called Iron Gate, S.L.C examination, has come to an end for this year. Before the results get published, the students who had appeared in the S.L.C examination have around two to three months of free time. During this time, they can learn and do things that will help them be a better person.

Here are some suggestions from DWIT students:

I would suggest them to learn something of their interest. Someone passionate about dance can definitely join dance classes. Similarly one can learn a different language, painting, a musical instrument or swimming. Travelling is also a great option. Akankshya Upadhaya, First Semester Student

Attend a training course such as mass communication or painting. Nikita Gautam, Third Semester Student

Please don't go to bridge course. Learn whatever you like, be it music, dance, or sports. Sharpen your internal capability. Don't be happy thinking that school life has finally ended because school life is precious. If you don't want to continue your studies and become a football player or something like that, then tell to your parents. Never lose your hope. Do what you have passion for!!! Never come under the pressure of parents. Do whatever you like but it must be in the right track and it shouldn't harm you :) Muskan Lamsal, Third Semester Student

They should enjoy this period. Maybe go trekking and enjoy the moment that they will never get back again in their life with friends, family and colleagues. Sushil Pokhrel, Thirs Semester Student

My only suggestion would be to 'explore' because this is the right time. You might never get this much of leisure time to explore again. Do not spend three months living inside your home, be it watching television or being addicted to the internet. Try to read (not at all, course books) as much as you can. If somebody comes up and says that you need to do a bridge course, screw their suggestions - travel, explore, read! Bidish Acharya, Fifth Semester Student

Try going on a tour with your friends or family. At least a week long. Take up a new hobby. Things you thought you might never do. Try helping out in the kitchen. This way you spend more time with your family and learn a valuable life skill in the process. Try not to spend the whole day inside the house. Get out of the house, even if just for a stroll around the block. Kundan Shumsher Rana, Fifth Semester Student

Take a deep breath, think for a while; no, you aren't that smart. So consult your seniors, friends, parents and teachers. Begin with the end in mind. Next thing is learn something that you are interested in. Abhishek Khatiwada, First Semester Student                                       

Join computer Courses (programming or HTML/CSS) rather than taking bridge courses. Have fun and go for tours. Meet new people, attend seminars. Bimal Gaire, Fifth Semester Student

Take classes to improve your skills or learn new skills like dance, music, computers etc. Biplav Shrestha, First Semester Student