Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

DWIT Students Enjoy Talk Session by Lava Kafle, A Man with Positive Vibes and Jovial Nature

By Asmita Subedi

Photo: Lava Kafle shares his experience Photo Courtesy: DWIT News

All the Deerwalkers are always amazed to see an enthusiastic and smiley Lava Kafle, the Solutions Architect at Deerwalk Inc., at the premises of Deerwalk Services cracking witty jokes. Students of DWIT got a chance to hear to his life story and his life experiences on an ECA session held on 16th July.

A man with positive vibes, captivating smile and generous heart shared his success story. His story from being a small village boy to the Solutions Architect at Deerwalk Inc. was worth listening to. Sharing his experience, he talked about how his school life was oriented at always becoming first which eventually didn’t really matter to him when he reached his high school. There, he fostered his interest in school magazines, debate competitions, poems, story-telling and journalism. He humorously briefed about how his enthusiasm and aspiration to learn something new lead him to Kathmandu University where he completed his Bachelors in Computer Engineering and Master's Degree in Computer Science. He gladly said that he experienced a lot of fun and was able to build strong bond of friendship when he was in college and suggested the students to grab every chances either to have fun, gather new experiences or to build and treasure friendship.

Further, he talked about his experience of doing weather forecasting and robotics projects in college and learning new programming languages. Students burst out laughing when he mentioned that “Pascal made him nearly Rascal”. Then he talked about his series of job experiences at various colleges where he had been friendly as well as a strict teacher and how amazed and intrigued he was to have his salary constantly increasing. He generously said that at one point of time he completely had no idea what to do with the money he had earned. Moreover, he got himself involved in many volunteering activities like cleaning roads, donating books and study materials to children in schools, raising funds for schools and donating computers. Digging into his personal life, he excitedly talked about how careless he is and how fond he is of his wife and little son.

He talked about his relationship with Chairperson Rudra Pandey referring him as his uncle and talked about his experiences in Deerwalk Services and his gradual promotions, hard work and dedication. He believes that “Money is not everything but just a necessity. Life is all about building friendship and relationships and not only about holding a high post job and earning huge money.”

The talk session was followed by Q&A session which turned out to be the most interactive one. Some of his secrets were out and he shared funny moments of his life. He was kind enough to welcome questions and students could not stop laughing till the end.

Barsha Dahal, a 4th Semester student says, “He is a man whom we can all look up to as our idyllic persona and I believe that the way he talked brought positive vibes in me and I think he is a genuine person with a golden heart”. Abhusan Gautam, a 4th semester student says, “He was hilariously funny, witty and humorous throughout his whole talk session and we are all pleased to have heard from him. He is surely a wow man and the program was wow too.”