Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

DWIT Social Service Club Initiates a New Project: Opens a Nursery in College

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

Photo Courtesy : The Social Service Club

The Social Service club has always been a club that tries to initiate new and exciting projects that help the society. On 24th September 2015, the social service club initiated a small plant nursery in DWIT. The idea was conceived by the Club President Pankaj KC along with other members of the club.

The club members brought 50 plants from the Forest Ministry (Baan Mantralay), a day before the above mentioned date, after providing a proposal and a letter to the ministry. All of the plants brought are small as well as healthy and all of those plants will grown into trees in the future. Plants like Kapoor, Aru, Lapsi, Dhupi Salla have been brought for the moment and the club may bring in more plants in the future.

According to the president of the club, there are two reason why this project was initiated.

--To plant trees in areas where landslides may occur.

--To create a budget for the club in the future.

The Club President quoted, “We have started this project so that the college can look green, literally. There are some place in the college which could use the aesthetic beauty of a plant or two. In the future, we can also plant some of the trees in areas where landslides are a common occurrence or in areas where there is a chance of landslides. The trees may not be able to do something about the natural disaster this year but definitely next year.” He further stated, “We can also sell some of the trees. As the trees grow, so will their prices and we can create a revenue for the club in the future. Since I am in my 3rd year here at DWIT, I along with the club members have done this for the betterment of the club in the future.”

The club members are looking after the plants for now. They will continue this till after Dashain-Tihar and will see what can be done then. Some of the places that they intend to plant the trees are in Sakhu, Kanakot and Kanaladi Chowk (which lies on route to Pharping).

The club also plans to name a tree to a person, provided he/she takes care of the plant. If anyone is interested to have a tree named after him/her, then he /she should take the responsibility of taking care of the plant and when the time comes, transfer the tree to a more permanent location using their own hands. This is an interesting idea because even if the person goes abroad in the future, there will always be tree named after that person in Nepal. It can also be a great memory once a person reaches old age in the future.

Through this project the club hopes to create a green environment around the college and teach some discipline to the club members. The club has started a great project, one that will go on for a long time.

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