Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

DWITians Enjoy The Color Fiesta

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

Photo: DWIT students after a wonderful Holi at college           Photo Courtesy: Menosh Appl

On 5th March 2015, DWIT organized its first ever Color Fiesta a.k.a DWIT Holi. It was an event to celebrate Holi at college. Students from all four semesters and members of the DWIT family attended the event. It was a fun and exciting event and everyone enjoyed. There were people playing with colors and water. Everyone was covered with a rainbow of colors and anyone who was willing was drenched with water. These are just two of the three components that Holi is known for. The third component is Fun. Everyone looked happy and excited.

The Color Fiesta was organized by the Social Service Club of DWIT. The organizers are students studying at different levels in DWIT. They were dedicated to conduct an event where all the students and members of the DWIT family would join and have the time of their lives. According to the response that the event got, we can safely assume that the Social Service Club has reached that goal. Those who attended certainly had a great time.

The event was scheduled to start from 11 AM and concluded at 3 PM. People started to come in at 10 AM. Those who came in early helped the organizers set up the basketball court for the Color Fiesta by clearing the ground of any objects that could disturb the event. Colors were setup and the water was ready. Everyone who came in was immediately smeared with colors. It was all washed away when the water splashing started. There were two pipes attached to taps from where everyone could get some water. Buckets were brought to fill them with water. As we all know, Holi and water are synonymous and go perfectly with each other. There cannot be a Holi celebration without water. So, everyone started to spray each other with water and pour buckets of water over each other. This was a small setback the Social Service Club members faced because this pushed back the games that were set to be played.

The games that were set to be played were Tug of War, Lola War, Jail Your Friend, Musical Chairs, Carrying Race, Group Pot Breaking Competition, Holika Dahan and many more. These are fun games that can be played during Holi. Despite it all, the fun was never cut short and everyone enjoyed the Color Fiesta. Around noon the speakers were setup and the music started playing. This was the start of the dance party. Everyone started to dance and it lasted till about late afternoon. We were joined by the members of Deerwalk Inc. family at around noon. The basketball court was then full of people and everyone was dancing all over.

The overall event was a success but a few setbacks did side track everyone. It was the only flaw in a wonderful event. The Color Fiesta ended with a smile on everyone's tired faces. They liked the idea of playing Holi at college with friends and this type of event should be organized every year.