Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

DWIT Open on Saturdays

By Shreha Regmi

DWIT remains open even on Saturdays allowing the students to utilize the services available in the college. The students are happy with this facility provided by the college and so, some students come to college for their club activities while others come for studying, peer discussions and so forth. The college does not bar the students' access to computer laboratory on Saturdays as well. To add, internet access is also not obstructed. DWIT , one of the leading IT colleges of Nepal, requires frequent use of e-mails and different websites of its own. Updates are done regularly which must be checked and this requires internet service. So, the students who cannot afford internet service in their home come to college to check their mails and also the news on the latest development of technologies. When asked to a student about the reason s/he comes to the college on Saturdays, s/he replied, "Coming to college on Saturdays is more fun and also, I can concentrate better. I can also get the facilities that I cannot find in my rented room." The students who enjoy this facility say that allocating a computer having internet access to each individual even on Saturdays is beneficial in numerous ways. They come and search the unknown and confused topics via any desired search engines. The students get a chance to discuss any topic they have problem in with other students who come to the college.  They are also able to complete their assignments and reports on time utilizing this service provided by the college. DWIT is facilitating the students a lot and focusing on their overall development by providing them valuable facilities like these.