Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Fun and Games

By Sneha Parajuli

DWIT News team which is responsible for publishing news every Monday is comprised of Editors and reporters who write articles every week. People might think we are a bunch of boring people who spend their weekends writing. But, no one is privy to the fun, excitement, love and understanding we have amongst our group members. We really get to talk and get to know each other better. Last week, Bidish dai posted a message in our Facebook group that we should go for an outing. That post made us so excited that we started planning right away on where we should go. We thought of many places and the whole day we discussed that particular topic. Eventually, we ended up deciding that we should go to Shisha Café and terrace bar in Newroad. That Saturday morning, some of us met at the college and some went directly to the café. Menosh, our loveliest mentor, was also with us and that was the best part. She came there along with some group members from our college. Finally, we all reached there and began gossiping. No one cared about ordering food because we all were so happy talking to one another. Since, it was a sunny day, we were not very   hungry but were thirsty of course! So we decided to order some drinks. We had played a game in our English class which was really interesting. The game was similar to Truth or Dare in which we could get to know each other by asking questions. Menosh suggested that we could play that game. We all agreed and started playing. Everyone enjoyed throughout the game as we got to know some interesting, good and exciting things as well as some bad things about each other’s lives. Some questions included “Who is your recent crush?”, “What would you do If you were so… And so…?” and so on. The crush question got boring and we decided no more such questions shall be asked. Later we began feeling hungry so we ordered some food. By the time our food arrived, we had started sharing the experience we had on meeting each other for the first time. This was the “awesome-est” part of the outing. Everyone had some interesting experiences to share. We got to know what we had thought that person was like before and what that person later turned out to be. That was really exciting! In one day, we all got to know each other so well. We shared our sweet as well as bitter memories. We had so much fun. Eventually, the day was over and some of us decided to head towards our home, whereas some decided to go to the fun park to have some quality time. We missed a few members of the team who were unable to join us, but they can join us in our next outing. P.S. A new member was added to the team who had joined us in the outing as our surprise guest. He is Avushan Gautam and we all heartily welcome him to the team! :D