Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

DWIT News Facebook Page: An Analysis

By Ruby Shrestha

Facebook, which originated in 2004, solely with a purpose of connecting the students of Harvard University has pervaded the world today with its features which are seen to be ever growing. Facebook is a great advertisement tool since it is a hub where you can find almost anyone or anything, meaning, any person or any organization or any event.

Facebook Pages can be an effective platform for you to connect with your targeted user group if you are working on promoting your business or project, and a great tool to get insights of how effectively you’ve been able to touch upon your audience and hence, meet your purpose.

DWIT News has a Facebook page to help its audience stay updated with its posts and get notified whenever news posts are introduced in the site on a weekly basis. The insights help us stay informed about the areas we have been able to cover, the types of audience that we’ve been able to keep entertained with the articles, the types of articles that are most liked by the audience and have most audience reach, the types that aren’t much liked and so forth; these help us reform our site to a better form.

Here are some insights our audience might be interested in:


like For some unknown reason, we seem to have male population overshadowing the female population when the Likes on the page are considered. Time to gear up the female likers too!

Audience Engagement


Female engagement in the posts of DWIT News in its page is almost half of the male engagement. What can be the reason? If you are reading this article, do comment what do you think can be the probable reason behind the difference? It is kind of astonishing since we strongly believe that the types of articles we post in our site have no gender-wise target. What is your view on it? Do comment. :)

Country-wise Analysis

Fans (Likers)

 fans by country

It is good to know that we have Fans (Likers) from different parts of the world!

People Reached

people reached

Great! We have been able to reach audience of considerable number of countries.

People Engaged

post reach by country

Not many individuals are engaged in our Facebook Page yet. We are trying to get this better with every issue.

If you have any suggestions for us, you can use the comment box below or can mail us at [email protected]. Your suggestions are highly welcomed!