Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

DWIT News Conduct Orientation Program for New Team Members

By Nitisha Timalsina

Photo: DWIT News 
DWIT News held an Orientation program for the new team members this week. All the members including the President were assembled together for the meeting. The main agenda of the meeting was to introduce all the members and collectively work as a team for the future well-being of DWIT News. Students from Class of 2019, 2020 and 2021 as well as Deerwalk Sifal School Plus 2 were present to attend the first meeting of the club. After the “Annual Club Day 2017,” all the clubs had selected their respective club members. Being a member of DWIT News, I can say that all the new, as well as the old members, we're excited and encouraged to work as a team for the upcoming year. At the beginning of the meet, everyone gave their introduction in a friendly and funny manner. Everyone got a chance to know each other, which made it easy for us to connect. After that, the club president, Sushil Awale told us about the history of the club, its activities, and how everything is done. Last year, DWIT News was run by a team of eight members whereas this year the team has grown to a size of more than 16 members. To accommodate the growth, the President has divided the team into three groups based on task and appointed team leaders to lead the groups. Each group’s leaders also shared their ideas and plans to be accomplished this year. The team leaders shared their vision to expand the coverage of their department to more avenues such as sports and community. The leaders also explained the process of producing news videos and news articles. They also informed about all the workshops for the upcoming year and new initiatives such as a talk show called "The Spotlight." All the members are excited to work as a team for the year 2018.