Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

DWIT Job Fair Orientation for Applicants

By Aishwarya Sapkota

Image: Documentary Movie Dramatics
With the arrival of DWIT JOB FAIR 2018, different orientation programs were held on 26th March. On that day, there were two orientation sessions; one for the companies and another for the applicants. Companies had their orientation at early morning whereas the orientation for students was held in the afternoon. The event started at 3:30 pm after the arrival of all the participants. Hitesh Karki, College Administrative Officer of DWIT welcomed everyone with his warm words. Prayush Shrestha from the organizing committee then provided some idea about the DWIT Job Fair 2017. He mentioned about the layout of the event and the position of the stalls( IT Companies) at the Deerwalk Courtyard. Merojob also had their own representatives for the event. Vikaas Nafde, a consultant at merojob gave a presentation pointing out the important thing to remember before applying for a job. In addition, he also gave advice on “ How to prepare for a Job Interview?”. His speech was a great aid for all those who attended the event because it carried a lot of information on applying for a job, preparing for an interview and even preparing a Resume. Diwas Pradhan from merojob also took the stage explaining everyone about the difference between Resume and CV.  Moreover, He made everyone understand the basic dos and don'ts of preparing a Resume. After the presentation, each student who attended the event were handed out a priority card for the event.  Priority card had a special discount for those interested in taking any training classes at merojob. The card would also ensure that the cardholders would get priority in the queues during the Job Fair. Orientation for students was successfully conducted with all the support of participants and organizers as well.