Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

DWIT Job Fair Orientation for Companies

By Bhawana Yadav

Photo courtesy: Documentary Movie Dramatics
An orientation session for the companies who would be attending DWIT job fair 2018 was held on 22nd March 2018 from 11 am to 1 pm. There were about 19 companies who attended the orientation session along with eight organizers from the class of 2018, and representatives from Mero Job. In this session, the main discussion was on the overall aspects of DWIT job fair 2018. Organisers of the event had given a short presentation on what they were going to do in this event to make it more effective and successful. During the session, the organizers explained about the location/stalls of the companies and also all event day details related to this event were explained to the company representatives. The session involved discussions about the experience and problems with DWIT Job Fair 2017 and also the solutions as to how to overcome the problems that arose last year. This orientation session itself was a new addition to the Job Fair event this year. Organisers also shared the event package details with the company representatives. Some of the company's representatives also gave their own take and shared their ideas and thoughts for making the Job Fair more manageable and productive. Representatives of had given an idea to fix the map of the location of the company's stalls near the registration area so that candidates can easily move towards their ideal company. Each organizer among the eight was assigned by 2-4 companies and given the responsibilities to fulfill their demands as per their event package.