Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

DWIT Job Fair 2018 Held Successfully

By Subham Joshi

Photo Courtesy: DWIT College
On 28th March 2018 second edition on DWIT Job Fair was successfully conducted. This event was presented by Kantipur Digital Corp in association with Mero Job. The event was conducted in the Deerwalk complex. 7 organizers and 30+ volunteers conducted the event and lots of improvement were made compared to the last year's fair. The fair formally started at 11 am but many of the participants arrived before time. 700+ graduates and undergraduates participated in the fair and 25+ companies showed their presence. To participate in the fair the participants had to pre-register in the Job fair site with their CV and they had to take a participant card in the venue. Arrangements for the unregistered participants were also make in the venue. This fair aimed to create a bridge between job seekers and the IT companies. Even though the flow of participants was less compared to the last year’s, but the event was a huge success. Around 11 participants were hired on the spot and many were called for the second round of interview. Unlike last year, this year’s fair was very much supported by sunny weather. Rain caused a lot of trouble last year but there was no rain this year. Learning from the mistake of the last year, DWIT Job Fair 2018 was a huge success. The fair ended at 5 PM. This fair was beneficial for both the company and the participants. The companies got a chance to show case themselves and the participants knew about the companies. This fair showed a good sign for the upcoming year’s.