Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

DWIT Job Fair 2017 Successfully Held

By Moon Shrestha

  Deerwalk Institute of Technology successfully organized DWIT Job Fair 2017 in Deerwalk premises. It was a great platform for hungry job seekers to build their career and gain experience as 18 different software companies participated in the fair announcing for job vacancies and opportunities. The procedure to participate in the event was simple, for all a participant had to do was register for free, update their CVs online and attend the event along with their CVs and go through any company's booth for an interview to get selected. The gates for the participants officially opened at 12 in the noon but the job seekers were already flooding DWIT before the official timing. There was a registration booth at the left side of the entrance where registered participants, graduates, and undergraduates had to confirm their presence.  Also, there was a separate booth for unregistered participants to register for the event on the spot. The event was a grand success as 700 plus registered participants and many more unregistered participants marked their presence. The day was very busy as not a single company booth was vacant with participants interviewing for jobs. DWIT was crowded with participants - graduates and undergraduates, experienced and inexperienced, with CVS in their hands, some with confidence and determination while some with nervousness and excitement rushing all over the place for interviews. As the afternoon was going busy and just as fine, the weather decided to take a toll on the event by pouring a heavy rain. But all the volunteers and organizers of the job fair managed to appoint different companies to different rooms inside the building. The event was resumed in no time and the day was saved. The event finally ended around 6 in the evening with only a few participants left for interviews. The event was successfully held and it would not have been accomplished without every participating individual, the 18 software companies and mainly the hard work and dedication of the Job Fair organizers and volunteers. Events like these should be held recurrently to provide platform and opportunities for students.