Sun, 26 May, 2024

DWIT Invites Parents

By Sabin Pathak

Photo Courtesy: DWIT Administration On 9th January, 2015, DWIT conducted The Parents Meeting, an annual event where all the parents and guardians of students are invited. The invitation was sent via email. Parents of most of the students were gathered at DWIT premises and the program began at 3:00 PM.
The program was conducted with the aim of letting the parents know about academic and non-academic activities of the students. The main agenda discussed in Parents Meeting 2015 were: -          Work Progress of Students -          College Activities -          Discussions/Suggestions and Feedback Presentations were given by Campus Chief, Surendra Adhikari, and Chief Academic Officer, Hitesh Karki.  Director of Research and Development, Alok Koirala, also delivered a short speech at the end of this session. Parents were given brief information about different activities that had taken place in the past and upcoming activities, plans and policies of the college. Campus Chief, Surendra Adhikari, started his presentation by wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2015. He talked about the targets of DWIT to become the No. 1 B.Sc.CSIT College in Nepal and to be the best one in Asia. He assured that due to the relentless efforts, they will certainly meet their targets soon. Chief Academic Officer, Hitesh Karki, mainly focused on academics through his presentation. He clarified how DWIT is different from other B.Sc.CSIT colleges of Nepal. He mentioned that DWIT is one of the colleges with many extracurricular activities, training and with many new ideas that help students to learn and explore new things. Further, he went on to explain how the college is encouraging students to develop applications on their own so that by the time they graduate they are all set to join any software company both in and outside of the country. He informed the parents about the fact that the students are making new software such as: fees printing, students’ record keeping and so on for use at DWIT and assured that those students will certainly get paid for their skills. When inquired by one of the parents about the pressure on students at DWIT, he accepted the fact that students at DWIT studying in the first semester really feel overloaded and pressurized and this, according to him, is only because of lack of habit of doing assignments, practicals at +2 levels. However, he said that the pressure will decrease when the students reach second semester and by the third semester almost all students acclimate successfully. After his speech, parents shared their views and suggestions. They thanked DWIT for organizing such a useful event. Kunta Khatiwada, one of the parents who attended the event, said that DWIT has fully fulfilled the commitment that they had promised at the time of admissions. She added, "Meetings like these are really helpful to know many new things about the college, their plans and our children. So such events should not be limited to one per year and it should be conducted on every three months. Moreover, additional trainings should be conducted during the holidays." Furthermore, Basudev Thapa, one of the other parents who attended the event, agreed that DWIT was sensitive towards their commitment and fulfilled it. According to him, this type of events must be conducted only once in a year, however, the time duration should not be limited to 2 or 3 hours only. The program ended at around 6 PM after some refreshments at the college canteen.