Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

DWIT Hiking and Adventures Club Organized Paintball

By Osheen Shrestha

Paintball participants group photo
The Hiking and Adventures Club organized a paintball event on Jan. 27, 2017. There were around 16 students along with the coordinators Prayush Shrestha and Kriston Pal. In the beginning, the participants were informed that the event is going to be held in Sanepa. Unfortunately, the venue was changed and the event was conducted in Chobar at the last minute. The moment we reached the venue, everyone started preparing for the game immediately. There were different types of equipment such as paintball guns, paintballs, and paintball tanks on the table. Later, the instructor gave us tactical vests, helmets, goggles, and chest protectors in order to shield ourselves. That paintball gear ensured safety while still allowing us to move around comfortably during the game. Then the instructor tutored us about the rules and regulation of the game. He repeated the rules twice so that we may not hurt other players. We took some group photographs as well. As soon as we took the photo, we hurried to get to the battlefield. There were four groups and each group had four members. First, two group started the game. At first, the groups were at the opposite ends of the battlefield. When the instructor blew the whistle, the game was on. Everyone started to take their position as per the plan. They started to shoot each other while protecting themselves. The experience was as if we were on the real battlefield. Some of them were even crawling on the ground. Everybody was participating and enjoying the moment. The first game was between Class of 2018, my team, and Class of 2019 which was won by Class of 2018 Team A. After that another match was held between Class of 2018 Team B and Class of 2017. Class of 2018 Team B was able to defeat the other group. Finally, the winners got to play another game and we were able to win once again. We were the winner of the winners. At the end of the event, the club sponsored a lunch. We ordered as per our wish within the limited budget of Rs. 180. Everybody ate what they wanted and enjoyed the game as well. There was transportation facility to the student as well. The hiking club should frequently do such kinds of events.