Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

DWIT Family Distributed Funds For Earthquake Victims Among DWITians

By Sabin Pathak

Photo: Surendra Nath Adhikari handing over the fund to Arun Tamang Photo Courtesy: Anushka Maharjan "Humanity is the largest religion. Each human is meant to help another human. We are just doing our bit." This is the slogan famous among DWITians. On 3rd July, 2015, DWIT family in collaboration with Deerwalk Social Welfare Network and DWIT Social Service Club distributed the earthquake relief fund to some of the students and staff members of DWIT who were victimized by the earthquake. The devastating earthquake that occurred on 25th April and its aftershocks had more than eight thousand victims all over Nepal. Many had lost their lives and many have become homeless. DWIT family members were also not immune from its effect. Houses of some students and staff members of DWIT were completely destroyed due to the earthquake. The funds might be one way to help them recover from the pain that was caused because of the complete destruction of their shelter. This fund amount was distributed on 3rd July, 2015 after the completion of Deertalk session. This initiative, which was really respectable, was taken by Social Service Club of DWIT. Social Service Club managed to collect some funds from the students, Deerwalk Social Welfare Network and DWIT family. [gallery ids="7454,7453,7451,7455"] Pankaj K.C, president of Social Service club, said, “We collected Rs 3000 from the students and Rs 1,22,000 from Deerwalk Social Welfare Network and DWIT family. So, we are distributing these amount among five people (four students and one staff member of DWIT).” Each of them were distributed a sum of Rs 25,000. Following are the members of DWIT to whom the funds were provided, - Madan Subedi, Staff, DWIT - Sunil Shrestha, Fifth Semester Student - Arun Tamang, Fifth Semester Student - Sajak Baidhya, Second Semester Student - Gaurab Thapa, Second Semester Student Surendra Nath Adhikari, Campus Chief of DWIT, distributed these amounts to the victims. He mentioned, “Thanks to everyone whoever helped from their side. This is not the end. It is just the initiative and we will offer more help in near future.” After getting the fund, the members were very happy and thankful to Social Service Club, Deerwalk Social Welfare Network and the DWIT family. Madan Subedi, a staff of DWIT, said, "Malai sahayog garidinu bayekoma ma yehaharu sabai lai dhayabad bhanna chahhanchu.” Sunil Shrestha, fifth semester student, said, “Thanks DWIT family for helping me. This is not the first time that I have got help from DWIT. Such activity of DWIT proves that unlike others, DWIT is different.” If someone is really in need of help, then do not step back from helping them. So, start helping those people who are in real need of help. Your small help could bring happiness among them. This is the lesson that we learnt from this event.