Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

What DWIT Should Do With Extra Space

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

Deerwalk Institute of Technology is located in the heart of Jay Bageshwari, Siphal. The college is planning to expand its area. It has acquired two plots of land adjoining to the East and the South. This will make the college area larger and more room means, many things can be added on the property.

I am going to wishfully presume that the following changes will come though. The things mentioned here are my wishes as a student and as a member of the DWIT family.

The first thing that anyone can see when entering DWIT are the bikes. There are many bikes parked near the gate and behind the building. This is a major problem to the owners of the bike. So, with more space this problem can be solved. The bikers won’t have to worry about their bikes and can park them safely.

Now that the obvious out of the way. Let’s get into something more fun like sports.

Behind the DWIT building there is a basketball court-cum-badminton court-cum-mini-football field. All three sports can be played here but primarily it is a basketball court. This is a very irritating thing to deal with. Football players and basketball players often have a misunderstanding as to who gets to use the field. Badminton players are almost non- existent in the college so it mainly comes down to football and basketball. So with the expansion, the college can set a different place to play football. We students won’t be disappointed if it was a futsal ground, but this is just my suggestion along with all the students of DWIT.

Another thing that the college can add is a garden.

The current DWIT garden is beautiful but small. The garden can be expanded to the south side of the college. Here students can sit, chat and relax. During the winter, people can go and take a sunbath. This will cheer up everybody and make the college more aesthetically pleasing. Students can even go and work on their studies while sitting in a peaceful area.

The college can add one more building.

DWIT is growing. We have four batches of students for the first time in DWIT’s history. Next year, we will have even more students and if more classes are arranged the college admin will have a hard time to board all of them. So an extra building and a large hall is required.

DWIT has an aim to become the best college in Nepal. This dream will not come into fruition if some changes aren’t made to the property. Studies are important but a college can’t grow just by sticking to the course work. We can make the college more friendly, pleasant and less stressful by adding the above mentioned things.

If you have any thoughts about what the college can do with the extra space. Please comment.