Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

DWIT Decides to Extend the Vacation

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Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

According to the college routine shared on 19th October by the college administration, the college was to reopen on 26th October after the Dashain vacation. However, considering the present situation of the country and understanding the obstacles students and colleagues might face when returning to Kathmandu from their hometown, the college has decided to extend the vacation; the college shall now reopen only after Tihar.

The news was shared by the Chief Academic Officer, Hitesh Karki, via email to the DWIT family. Just after the news was out, we were able to view diverse reactions from the students’ side. Some were overwhelmed “Oh my God, is it for real? DWIT and almost a month long vacation?”, some were happy, some went like “Oh No!! How am I going to spend a vacation this looong!”, and some were “Okay, got some more days to go!” A majority of students were really happy with the college’s decision to extend the vacation.

This is for the very first time that DWIT has provided its students a month long vacation. Let’s read what the students think about the extension of holidays and how they’re going to spend it.

“I think the college has taken right decision by extending the holidays as per the current situation of the country. I am planning to meet my friends and organize reunion program with them. I will read at least one book during this vacation. I will focus on learning programming languages. I will try to make the most out of this vacation.” Mohan Singh Bomrel, Fourth Semester, DWIT

“I think it's for the first and the last time that we're getting such a long vacation at DWIT. So, I am happy about the extension in holidays. I will be spending more time with family and friends, go cycling and have fun!" Sajak Raj Baidhya, Third Semester, DWIT

Though I was expecting this holiday extension, I am bored to death staying at home. I want to go for tour, but due to fuel shortage I can't go for tour. So, this holiday does not make me that happy! Ashish Chhetri, Sixth Semester, DWIT

'Holiday’, who wouldn’t love this word? There is no doubt that I like my college, but there is one thing I hated about it and that was less holidays. I still remember attending college right after completion of board exams every semester. Common,  we should have gotten a break at least for a week. However, our college always proved that Deerwalk is different. This time when I saw mail of holiday extension, I was literally shouting with joy. I was hoping DWIT would be different for these kinds of uncertain and interesting surprises all the time. I know holiday is not always good, but I can never feel bored by long holidays because holidays give a sense of freedom to me. Freedom, not to think about assignments. Freedom, not to attend lectures. Freedom, not to get bored in the classroom. This holiday has been extended due to the crisis our country has been facing. This is the only reason why my happiness regarding this holiday has been a bit unsatisfying. What do I say about the plans? I don’t know; either plans don't go according to me or I don’t go according to the plans. It never succeeds. That’s why I hate making plans and limiting my excitement under a ‘to do list’. So, no plans have been made as always. But one thing is for sure. I am going to enjoy all the days and will make it worth remembering. I am loving this Dashain and long holidays. Happy Dashain and Tihar, everyone! Dear holidays, come soon!! Barsha Dahal, Fourth Semester, DWIT