Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

DWIT College To Start Mentor Club

By Shreeya Pandey

Mentor Club, another exciting student-run club, to start at DWIT from Baisakh with the motto of mentoring juniors or even classmates who need assistance with any subject. This is a new initiative taken by the college to enrich the knowledge of students and develop confidence in them so that they can perform well academically. The mentors for various subjects would be chosen by the college administration based upon the mentor's knowledge and interest on the subject. The club is not one-to-one mentor-based as there could be more than one mentor for a group of students for a particular subject. DWIT aims at excellence and wants its students to grow broadly from all the aspects so that they can step forward into the professional world without much hindrance. Keeping this in mind, the college has decided to start the Mentor club. Also, in order to make learning more effective through interaction between seniors, juniors and classmates as well, this initiative was taken by the college. This club would be beneficial to both the mentors and the learners. For the mentors, it would enable them to grow as teachers and share their valuable knowledge. As for the learners, through this club, they can get ample help with the subjects that they find difficult to study and also grasp various concepts and ideas apart from the ones taught by teachers in the class.

“Through this club, we hope to improve the performance of our students academically, through effective learning. For the mentors, this is a great opportunity to grow as teachers and to have an official recognition,”  Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, Academic Program Officer
We hope that this club would be of great help in sharing and flourishing knowledge along with improvement in our grades. Edited By - Aakankshya Shrestha